Survival in Auschwitz by Primo Levi

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Hitler believed that life was all about struggle; in order to live a full life you must struggle and overcoming this struggle is the true meaning of life. Hitler believes that only the strongest will survive, and the weak will succumb and cease to exist, which ultimately will better the country as a whole. Hitler carried out many projects to weed out the weak, and build his strong ‘perfect’ nation; this included Action T4, concentration and death camps. Auschwitz is Hitler’s creation; it is his constructed society to exterminate the Jewish population through immense struggle, by not only killing them, but he also attempts to strip them of every single shred of humanity until there is nothing left and they serve simply as economic investments. Those who survived did not allow their humanity to be confiscated. Primo Levi tells the readers the explicit details of the concentration camp Auschwitz, in his memoir, “Survival in Auschwitz.” The way in which the author talks about the camp is as if it is its own society. There is a very different and very specific way of life at the camp; their basic needs are provided for them, but only in the simplest form in order to have a small chance of survival. There is no clean, drinkable water, so instead they drink coffee, they eat soup twice a day, and a small amount of bread (26). There are thousands of diverse people living in the camp, who are forced to live with each other and work in a factory, reducing their self-worth to merely factors of production. The author illustrates the only purpose for the Jews is work; “This camp is a work-camp, in German one says Arbeitslager; all the prisoners, there are about ten thousand, work in a factory which produces a type of rubber called Buna, so th... ... middle of paper ... ...evi describes the two of them as inseparable, which is advantageous because they share their food and a bunk for a significant amount of time (155). This friendship enabled Levi to have not only someone looking out for him, but it is also a reminder of life outside of the camp and a way to keep his “skeleton.” It was his friendship with Alberto that kept him grounded, and ultimately kept him alive. It is no mystery that the lives of the prisoners of Nazi concentration camps were an ultimate struggle. Hitler’s main goal was to create a racial state, one consisting purely of the ‘superior’ Aryan race. The Germans under Hitler’s control successfully eradicated a vast number of the Jewish population, by outright killing them, and by dehumanizing them. Auschwitz is the home of death of the mind, body, and soul, and the epitome of struggle, where only the strong survive.
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