Antipositixism And Positivism

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Many sociologists come to a disagreement and different approaches to the Sociological concept of positivism and antipositivism. Positivism is the scientific study of social patterns. This pertains to the use of scientific methods to get a more clear understanding of the natural world. Auguste Comte was the founder of this concept. Comte believed the way that society interacts with individuals using positivism would usher in a new “positivist” age of history. Comte concept of positivism is still relevant today. Since then positivism has been expanded and became the foundation for quantitative sociology. Quantitative sociology is the use of empirical evidence to gain an understanding of human patterns and behavior.…show more content…
According to the “ Introduction of sociology” in 1848 Marx and Friedrich Engels created the “Communist Manifesto”. This piece of literature is important in that it is one of the most influential political manuscripts in history. “Communist Manifesto” also disagreed with Comote theory of society, thus creating the concept of antipositivism. Marx believed that society 's growth came from hardships of other social classes over the means of production. At the time Marx was developing his theory, he was politically influenced, the industrial revolution and the rise of capitalism were growing in nations. Both created a class divide in wealth, factory workers being lower class and poor, and the owners being upper class and very wealthy. Marx predicted that capitalism would cause inequality with his theory of antipositivism, Marx prediction was that the inequalities of capitalism would be so severe that factory workers would eventually riot. (Open Stax 1.2) The failure of capitalism lead to the creation of Communism, Communism focused on no established private or corporate ownerships rather than distribution of wealth to everyone. Marx opinion that Communism was better suited for the government over Capitalism may have been influenced by his study of social patterns of psychological causes. While Marx prediction wasn 't fully accurate Marx’s concept that Societal disputes lead to change in society is still one of the major theories that sociology still supports to this
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