Domestic Crime Case Study

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In every society, a continuous attempt has occurred on reducing human’s confidence and happiness. Crimes are one of the reasons behind this effort. This have been proven by Casciani (2015) stated that over seven million offenses happened in 2014, and an 11% fall for the past 12 months. Additionally, this study also shows than violent crimes are taking over the other crimes. As known, crime is action acting against the laws of the country, which is done usually by an individual (Oxford Dictionaries 2015). However, violent crime can be described only as a physical behavior done to the victim, such as hitting and assaulting. It has been revealed throughout social media and news that people with the age between fifteen and twenty-four are the victims…show more content…
To define, domestic crime is known as an abusive behavior between parents and family members (NHS 2015). Since it occurs at home, women and children are usually the victims of the crime. It has been proven that around 1.4 million women and 700,000 children have been abused domestically in 2014 (Travis 2015). This has affected both communities and families due to lack of jobs and poverty (Jefferson 2007), as a person can probably grow into a great deal of pressure. Moreover, due to alcoholic adductors, abusers can easily reach to a point of losing temper and mind; this will result in abusing without recognizing. As a result, Children might experience a low future qualification in education due to the house atmosphere (McCue 2008). Additionally, the mother might not be able to offer the family with income by herself; therefore, this makes her forced to stay in order to have shelter and food, which this will result into a wide chance of being abused at home (ibid). One possible solution for this situation is to keep women and children safe and away from this kind of environment, the specialist family violence services can offer them shelter and money for a purpose of living and be able to become highly educated having a better future qualification (McCormak 2015). Moreover, the government should work with courts on producing restricted laws and behaviors to men, this could happen by…show more content…
Rape, kidnapping and domestic violent crimes have been increasing over the past decades. Studies proved that these crimes had influenced individual’s behavior and attitudes towards the community. Researches have also suggested possible solutions by the government. This could happen by raising awareness and provide support in order to influence the surroundings. Although, this essay concentrated on three types, the issue can be further analysed by investigating different areas, such as murdering and robbery. It appears to be that government should play a major role on reducing such crimes by implementing restricted policies and

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