Do Ethical Objectives Affect the Future of an Organization?

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Ethics are moral principles which underpin human behavior. Therefore, business ethics are moral principles which underpin business behavior. A successful company strives to achieve a number of objectives which include profit-maximization, increasing market share, corporate social responsibility, and satisfaction of stakeholders. Moral goals or guidelines on which an organization is established are defined as ethical objectives. The reasons for setting such goals are mainly to promote a positive culture among employees, and to create a good reputation for the business amid customers and vendors; as well as setting boundaries between what is right and what is wrong. Thereupon, this essay, with reference to the film “Erin Brockovich”, aims to investigate the extent of which ethical objectives affect the future of an organization. Taking ethical objectives into account, any organization following such ethical behaviors might be affected negatively in the short time, but undoubtedly it will impact the organization positively in the medium to the long term. Structural changes within an organization need to be made in the short term to account for ethical objectives, including but not limited to changes in the organizational structure, staffing, and programs. These measures are costly; thus they might impact the revenue of the organization. Having said that, these changes within the organization will contribute to its benefit on the long-run. Sometimes people in organizations undertake certain roles illegally as they are neither certified nor trained for this role. “Throughout the movie Erin was practicing law illegally and Mr. Masry was aware of that.” Since Erin was working as a secretary in the law firm, she had no right to do... ... middle of paper ... ... those values thinking it is in the benefit of their organization, not knowing that it is harmful on the long run. On the short term, not taking those values into consideration does maximize profit in a minimum amount of time; however, on the long run, not abiding by those principles affects the attitude by which an organization is being managed and correspondingly the end product. Therefore, we come to conclude that ethical obligations do have an effect on the future of an organization and would define its future direction. Works Cited (2012, 11). Ethical issues in erin brockovich. Retrieved 11, 2012, from
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