Disruptive Innovation: The Concepts Of Creativity And Innovation

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In new venture creation, creativity and innovation should be ingrained in how the business operates. Creativity is not a gift of birth; it is a mixture of inherited talent, cultivated skill and knowing what to see at the right time. Creativity is the ability to see what’s there and not there differently, where innovation introduces an entirely new idea or method that stem from creativity. Creativity is the process of creating something new from the reflection of an existing solution. Creativity is the ability to view the same thing someone else is viewing or have viewed but formulating your own opinion or perspective. Creativity is a gift of sight that allows you to see beyond the first layer of an object and
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Disruptive innovation help entrepreneurs compete with industry giants by offering services to the basic consumer, while continually improving on their products. Eventually the new entrants can compete with the industry giants at an affordable price, but with fewer features. Demand from the industry giant can be transferred to the new innovation because it now attracts interested buyers. Brainswarming may be best in an environment where creative thinking is a part of the organization’s DNA. Instead of having a formal meeting to discuss ideas, team members can put their ideas in a neutral environment readily accessible to other team members who can continuously build upon them. Incorporating brainstorming or even brainswarming in business would help new ventures realize no matter what the size of your competitor is, there are still fallacies in business models. The business able to innovate past industry consolidation obstacles will hold the…show more content…
Hiring innovative people is wise only if you have the patience and tenacity to handle a truly diverse team. When dealing with creative individuals who desire to innovate, most of the time the standard rules most organizations adopt have to be forgone in favor of a free workplace. Innovator’s DNA has five skills that form the inherited DNA of the entrepreneur, which includes associating, observing, experimenting, questioning and networking. When you associate, you are looking for patterns. In observing, research by observing is the process of using your natural environment to make inferences regarding a specific situation or idea. In experimenting, the critical thinking process utilizes analytical and reasoning skills which take into consideration attention to detail and problem elements. When questioning, problem solving allows you to work through details to provide solutions to a problem. Nevertheless, Innovator’s DNA can assist in brainstorming when working on a team to come to a common consensus about a specific
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