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The Walt Disney Company commonly referred to as ‘Disney’ is as a result of a dream of a man named Walter. In an article by Mink in 2007, titled Walt Disney designed dreams; he says, “Walt was never afraid to dream. That song from Pinocchio, 'When You wish upon a Star,' is the perfect summary of Walt's approach to life: dream big dreams, even hopelessly impossible dreams, because they can come true. Sure, it takes work, focus and perseverance. However anything is possible.” His dreams became a reality in the year 1923 when he and Roy Disney, established the Disney Brothers studio and started to create animated films. Their creations hit the market and in 1937 one of their creation; 'snow white and the seven dwarfs' was listed among the a hundred …show more content…

This did not deter his brother but instead it gave him strength and a mission of making what his brother had struggled to build remains a success. Five years later, the company had spread its wings to Florida. Unfortunately, in the same year, Roy passed on leaving the company under the control of Donn Tatum. After some time Card Walker took over and eventually, the company’s control was passed to Ron Miller, a son in law of Walter. Since then, it has been a success after success for Disney with great milestones along the way. Among them being: the launch of the Disney channel, penetration into Tokyo and Europe. As of today, the company prides of over eleven theme parks both local and international and as for the hotels that are found in the vicinity of the theme parks, there are over …show more content…

The company is headed by a CEO known as Robert Iger. He replaced Robert Eisner in year 2005 and due to hi exemplary performance his contract was extended to year 2013. Recently his term was also extended to 2016. When the company was under the leadership of Eisner, it faced a lot of challenges among them being the tension he created among the employees since he used force to lead. Due to his forceful leadership, the company failed to meet its financial targets which led to hi fighting with the then board of directors. Through his leadership, Iger has ensured the tension that was created is completely eased. Expansion and growth of the company are among the great milestones of the company under the direction of Iger. They include the purchase of brands like Marvel, Lucasfilm and Pixar. Iger’s objective for the company has always been to; develop the most creative content with the use of the latest forms of technology and other innovations as well as making sure the Walter Disney brand image is strengthened not only in the United States but also internationally. Looking at the performance of the company currently, it is enough proof that Iger is true to his words and his objectives are being

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that walt disney company is doing pretty well with an ifem score of 3.03 and can be rated as a strong company.
  • Explains that disney can be termed a 'financial super power.' the company is worth $90 billion and its annual revenue stood at $40 billion.
  • Explains that the walt disney company's efem score is 2.57, which indicates that its external environment is hostile.
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