The Disney Impact Of Walt Disney

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Disneyland has inspired hundreds of books, articles in academic journals, and college classes dissecting its magic and evaluating its impact. Since Disneyland’s opening there has been evidence to suggest that the Disney Company is owed credit for creating not only the first, but the most successful theme park in history. Walt Disney created a niche in what was a dying industry leading to Disneyland’s success that is still observed today as the most popular and most recognizable park in the park entertainment industry. Although Disneyland was not the first amusement park, Walt Disney did perfect the idea of an amusement park and give birth to the first ever theme park which blossomed into the theme park industry. The influence Disneyland commands as the first theme park has impacted American pop culture, society, economics, marketing, entertainment and tourism by creating what has been called the “Disney effect” by author Margaret King, Director of the Center for Cultural Studies & Analysis. The impact the “Disney effect” has had on America has been argued between historians, economist, and…show more content…
Walt Disney stated “it all started with a mouse.” Little did Mr. Disney know what an empire his name and his mouse would create all while having such a large impact on American culture and society. Disney has proven a brand with iconic characters and images that he was able to create a connection with not only the average American family, but also allowed other cultures to have the same connection and experience. Disney’s characters had the ability to be recognize by a large number of people, allowing Disney to have a broad market to serve making the park a safe and comfortable place for large audience of American families, while other parks limited their target audience to young adults and
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