Discipline is Not Abuse

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Many people today are getting arrested for simply disciplining a child. But, in older times disciplining a child set good moral standards and taught that child on what that child was supposed to do and what not to do. There is a fine line between abuse and discipline. So what is child abuse? Child abuse consists of any act of commission or omission that endangers or impairs a child’s physical or emotional health and development. Child abuse includes any damage done to a child which cannot be reasonably explained and which is often represented by an injury or series of injuries appearing to be non-accidental in nature. There are also different kinds of child abuse; which include physical, emotional, and sexual. But, discipline does not involve any of those types of behaviors. So disciplining a child is not going to kill that child, it will simply help that child be more responsible, have more respect, and builds a trusting relationship between the parents and the child (“Child Help”).
Many parents are afraid of disciplining their child because the parents are afraid they are going to hurt that child, or even make that child hate them. But, honestly, disciplining a child is not going to kill that child. According to Michael Brody (a psychiatrist), "Discipline has to do with civilizing your child so they can live in society" (Barker). The first reason why a parent should discipline their child is because it will teach your child responsibility. Without discipline it is difficult to expect responsibility. Parents who set chores for their children rarely fail; because, children want to please and be helpful to their parents. Assigning tasks to children helps that child feel important; it makes the child feel like their parents trust hi...

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