Disadvantages Of Servant Leadership

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The main objective of management is to find the best methods of turning a mediocre team into a well-functioning and harmonious one. This monumental task demands that managers possess a large supply of consideration and acceptance of both small and important differences. The ability to change the potential negative impacts of diversity into a positive force for success is the primary focus and responsibility of leaders. Many leaders feel that they should limit and control what their workers can do. This is definitely the most common and least effective form of management. Yet, there is another form of leadership that welcomes creativity and empowers workers to be innovative and constructive. It is called Servant Leadership and it is a very…show more content…
The idea of a manager is someone on who is in charge of the overall functioning of a team and who seeks to guarantee that whatever is needed to be successful in their roles is provided for the success of the company. On the other hand, the term leader does not need to be a designated person who is overall responsible. A leader can in fact be any and all employees in the organization. Yet, in order for such distinctions to have a positive result, only managers that exercise servant leadership can empower their employees to take ownership of their roles and to become overtly creative and self confident (DeGraaf, Don; Tilley, Colin; & Neal, Larry, 2001). Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to define what servant leadership is and to give examples of how servant leadership can be implemented in the…show more content…
In short, leaders who are servant oriented must encourage the development of employees to be responsible for their actions and reward them for taking on leadership roles in the areas of their work and for their personal development. By maintaining an open atmosphere that empowers employees, a servant leader is, in effect, showing that those who work for the organization are more than simply inferior and replaceable people. It can engender a feeling of belonging and value and they are vital to the success of the company, school or

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