Functional Areas of a Chosen Business

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Functional Areas of a Chosen Business

The different functional areas within the business of Sainsbury’s are

as follows:

* Customer Service

* Retail

* Marketing

* Trading

* Finance

* Human Resources

* Administration

* Payroll

I shall not write about what each department actually does within


Customer Service

This is basically the majority of Sainsbury’s workforce. This

involves general duties to be carried out on the shop floor such as

checkout assistants which are there for customers to pay for their

goods, General Assistants are multi skilled between checkouts and

stocking shelves for maximum availability of products for customers.

Stock control is another type of customer service Sainsbury’s have.

This is where levels of stock are checked and the employees working

here will order more goods when needed. Basically customer service

explains itself really, it is the way in which employees of

Sainsbury’s can be of assistance to customers. I have given examples

of these types of job roles above.


The retail function of Sainsbury’s I basically like a sales department

also. This department in Sainsbury’s would therefore be responsible

for selling items to customers. Quite often Sainsbury’s would have

sales representatives in store to discuss what the customer wants.

The sales department would work closely with a few other departments

such as marketing so they can find out what customers want so that

they can improve their advertising, Finance as they will handle all

the money from sales. The sales department would need information

such as prices of products so that they can inform customers. They

would also need to know if certain stock is available before talking

to customers about that product.


This function of the business is responsible for identifying the needs

of customers and fulfilling the customer desires profitably. In other

businesses sales and marketing may be combined into one department but
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