Difference Between Gold And Gold

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Intro: Ever since we evolved from bartering to using currencies, people have expressed a profound interest in using Gold and Silver in coin form to represent value. They are both perfect candidates for a currency because they are rare, they are easy to work with, and they are very nonreactive elements, However silver does tarnish when exposed to air and is less rare, which is why it is valued less than gold. Because of these properties Gold has been used in history as a display of wealth, and a long-term method of storing value Conclusion: Demand: Across all cultures, gold has lots of emotional, cultural and financial value, which supports high demand across generations. Uses of gold include jewellery making, managing risk in financial portfolios, and protecting the wealth of nations. It is also found in smartphones, and cutting-edge medical…show more content…
However, sometimes gold is used in jewelry because of its non-infective properties which are hard to substitute. In electronics gold can hardly be substituted because few materials can electricity conduct as well, while not forming an oxide layer that prohibits conductivity as iron or copper do. Gold is also kept for it’s value, and it is difficult to compete with it, because for a material to hold value well on a monetary level it must not expire, exist in definite quantities, hold it’s value, and be scarce. Gold meets all these criteria. Complementary: Inferior: Depending on which market you consider, gold sometimes has many inferior goods, however rarely is one. Inferior goods for gold in aesthetics include gold painted materials, silver, fool’s gold (Pyrite), lower karat compounds of gold, and whatever else a person’s second choice is after gold. PED PES YED
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