Chapter 2000 Apush Dbq Answers

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1. The Populists advocated a calling for free coinage of silver, abolition of national banks, and a graduated income tax. Plenty of paper money were issued to ensure governmental ownership of all forms of transportation and communication leaving hard money to not be in favor for this party. They mostly appealed to the farmers and less educated, which also called for an institution progression in education. Election of Senators by direct vote of the people were strongly encouraged to form a call for progression of literacy rate to be aware of the changing world. Since most populist were nativist they discouraged foreigners to work and to own land. They called for a civil service reform so that a working complete day of hours could make citizens eligible for postal banks, pensions, revision of the law of contracts, and reform of immigration regulations.…show more content…
An argument in favor of the free coinage of silver is in relation to the Jacksonian era to the Greenback movement with the debate over Hard and soft money, and wether it is the central role in American politics. This demanded a need for an increase in currency circulation, which would benefit the farmers earnings for their crops so they could pay their debts. Another favor for free coinage would be to help ordinary Americans by practicing income taxes, banking regulation and the right of workers to form unions. 3. Since the Fifteen Amendment restricted prejudice against race, members of southern government found new ways to hinder the black population to vote. One method consists of color blind documents bluntly stating to end eligibility of blacks to vote. Often at the poll box, blacks would be set aside to pay a fee, take literacy tests, demonstrate the knowledge of the state constitution. The Grandfather clause, a popular southern way of exempting blacks, would serve the purpose to check if decedents were able to vote if not that man was
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