Diary of My Mexican Trip

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Dear Journal, Today I boarded an airplane in Philadelphia. I haven’t been on a plane before, so I was very nervous. The takeoff was pretty smooth. I finally relaxed, then we landed in Atlanta, Georgia. From here I rented a green compact car from Hertz. I drove from Atlanta to Tula in one night. I eventually arrived at the border and showed the officials my voter registration card and driver’s license. I finally crossed the border into Mexico. From here I wen to my first stop, Tula. I stayed at the Sharon, a seven-story modern hotel, is placed right across the street from the town hall and not far from the archaeological area. August 5, 2002 Dear Journal, I woke up this morning to a beautiful snow covered ground. I drove over freezing roads to a Toltec site. The most spectacular site I saw while I was at the site was the Atlantes, the giant stone sculptures. They are said to be guarding the Pyramid of the Morning Star. After exploring the ancient site, I went back to the hotel and ate at the hotel’s fine restaurant. I had to be sure not to get anything that may make travelers such as myself sick. Shortly after, I checked out of the Sharon and drove into Mexico City and checked into the Matrol for the night. August 6, 2002 Dear Journal, Today I went to the National Art Museum, Museo Nacional de Arte, and saw the beautifully crafted building. There is a lovely double staircase made of bronze and marble enclosed by a semi-circular window three stories high. The artwork in the museum was incredible. The museum has 24 galleries ranging in Mexican art in every form. After an exhausting trip to the art museum, I decided to have dinner in the hotel’s restaurant. Then I had drinks in the lobby bar where a pianist plays nightly as hotel guest can enjoy the music and scenery of the beautiful hotel. August 7, 2002 Dear Journal, I watched some TV in my room last night as I went to sleep. I was glad to have taken Spanish classes in school, so I could have a slight understanding as to what was being said on TV. Today I went to the Catedral Metrolitana. It is the biggest church in Latin America. The church was so beautiful and very large. There were hundreds of paintings and sculptures throughout the building. The wonderful clocktower was full of statues of Faith, Hope, and Charity. I went back to the hotel, gathered my things, and drove to The Casa Gonzalez, where
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