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I visited the San Antonio Museum of Art for my museum requirement. One of my favorite activities is actually going to museums. I had never been to the San Antonio Art Museum before so I was excited to go. At the time I visited they were hosting the "Lethal Beauty" samurai collection, which is actually the reason why I drove down there. I have picked a handful of paintings and objects that I found interesting and hope to explain. The museum was organized by a mixture of time periods and art type. A very friendly environment for all types of individuals to go and enjoy history. Upon arriving to the museum the first exhibit I visited was the Egyptian section. Within this exhibit contained many broken relief sculptures know as 'relief fragments'. These fragments were written in hieroglyphics which made an instant connection to what we had reviewed during the course. I really enjoyed these reliefs because of the age on them, the specific relief I am referring to is about the Greek pharaoh Ptolemy II Philadelphos and was crafted around the years 285-246 B.C.. Made from limestone, a chisel, and a hammer, this piece has beautiful engravings. On the left it appeared to be a falcon or bird of some type and on the right it has a pharaoh. These two images are connected by hieroglyphics in the center of the fragment. After reading the description the placement of everything made a lot more sense to me. This fragment spelled out the named of Ptolemy and has some spiritual undertones. The next section that caught my attention was the Roman exhibit. The statues were quite astonishing and probably my favorite section besides the main exhibit, Lethal Beauty. This exhibit contained a great variety of sculpted work. They had busts of philosophers... ... middle of paper ... ... The story ends with Johnny Quid returning home to Archie from rehab. He states ironically that he now wants to become like Archie, a “Real RocknRolla”. I love this money and the ending. As serious as the plot may sound, it is really a comedy and the actors all seem to be having fun. The over dramatic scenes and constant use of vulgar language gives it that ‘London gangster’ feel. It took me a couple views in order to fully understand the plot as there is a ton of scenes connecting every character or groups of character together. The RocknRolla by Guy Ritchie is a very entertaining movie. A little confusing at first but contains great actors who all seemed to be having a great time creating this film. I find the value behind this movie in the humor brought to light by the actors. This added benefit gives a whole new contrast and dimension from the main story line.

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