Diary Essays

  • The Public Diaries

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    The Public Diaries Your secret loves and hates. Your tearful confessions. Your emotional epiphanies. A diary can be many things, but almost never is it something that's meant to be read by the entire world. Yet, with the availability of cheap, easy access space on the World Wide Web, a growing minority of internet users is laying its lives and loves out for anyone with a web browser to see. Such a paradox might seem like an unlikely basis for a new trend in web browsing, but in the last few

  • Gaza Diary

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    A Gaza Diary A somewhat controversial publication by Chris Hedges, titled A Gaza Diary, illustrates to the reader his vivid experiences during his weeklong stay in what is know as the Gaza Strip. Hedges’s travels, with illustrator Joe Sacco, start in Jerusalem and proceeds down south through the Gaza strip to a Palestine camp refuge called Khan Younis, where they stay for the majority of the trip. They venture over to Mawasi, also a Palestine village, located on the coast. In both these locations

  • Hamlet Diary

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    Hamlet Diary Act 1: 1st Entry; I am still in morn. My father's death came as to a shock to me. He was a great man who led and served his country well. He died of means, which are unknown, which leaves me curious on the manner. As I am soaked from head to toe in these inky-covered clothes, I sit and contemplate. It has been one month since and my father's brother; Claudius is to be wedded with my mother. Is it possible that my mother is finished grieving? I know that there is no

  • My Diary

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    My Diary October 11, 1950 I found the diary of my girlhood journey and new life in America yesterday. I feel that the story and lesson I learned from it are priceless and should be told; therefore I am publishing this collection of deep innermost thoughts from my youth for you to read and enjoy. It is my hope that you can look at your life and realize all the things there are to be thankful for. It seems like just yesterday I was first coming to America. I can still clearly feel the wonder

  • Diary Of Hatchet

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    Diary of Hatchet Brian Robeson, the main character, is a very interesting kid. After the first few pages you could tell that he was strong-minded, twelve or thirteen year old kid. His parents were divorced and he spent some time with his dad. He lived far away so Brian had to take a plane. From the back of the book I knew that he gets in to a plane accident and has to survive on his own. I was surprised that the author went right to the plane wreck. I thought it would have a somewhat

  • Music Diaries

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    The Beatles I enjoyed the music of The Beatles. I felt that their songs were fun and uplifting. They had enjoyable beats and were easy to dance and listen to. Listening to their music didn?t put me to sleep. That is a good thing. They didn?t always have to have a meaning behind their music. Some of the songs that they wrote were just a result of them screwing around. The one thing that I did notice was that I could understand every word they were singing in their songs. That is another reason that

  • The Alice Williamson Diary

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    The Alice Williamson Diary To read the Civil War diary of Alice Williamson, a 16 year old girl, is to meander through the personal, cultural and political experience of both the author and one's self. Her writing feels like a bullet ricocheted through war, time, death, literary form, femininity, youth, state, freedom and obligation. This investigation attempts to do the same; to touch on the many issues that arise in the mind of the reader when becoming part of the text through the act of reading

  • Diary Of Anne Frank

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    1.The Diary of Anne Frank by Anne Frank2.The setting of this book is an attic of a building in Amsterdam during the time period of 1942 to 1944.3.The historical period of this book is World War II.4.Anne Frank was a young girl who is the author of this popular diary. She was thought of by others as conceited but didn't think so herself. She was in love with Peter Van Daan in the attic.Margot Frank was the older sister of Anne who was considered smarter and more adultlike than younger sister. Margot

  • Berlin Diaries Vs.Survival In Auschwitz

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    Berlin Diaries vs. Survival in Auschwitz The two books Berlin Diaries by Marie Vassiltchikov and Survival in Auschwitz by Primo Levi both chronicle World War II from two different perspectives. They are both personal accounts from each author’s actual experiences. The two books have different formats, points, facts, and actualities. For example, Berlin Diaries is in actual diary format, and Survival in Auschwitz is in story format. I found that Berlin Diaries was harder to read because of the format

  • Diary Entry

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    Diary Entry Today was a most extraordinary day for me, something completely unexpected happened. Uncle Pumblechook, as previously arranged came to collect me from Joe’s house, to take me to visit a place called Satis House. It belongs to a lady called Miss Havisham who is very wealthy and important. It took us about 20 minutes to get to there. On our way I began to feel a little nervous and jittery. The prospect of meeting Miss Havisham for the first time was unsettling. There were rumors

  • Japanese Internment (Diary)

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    My name is Makino Toshio and I am a second generation Japanese-American. My father moved to Hawaii before coming to the mainland, like most Japanese-Americans. Before World War II, I worked on a Japanese truck farm. When Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, tension was bad for any Japanese-American in the United States. Many people in the United States did not trust people with Japanese ancestry. A store that I usually shop at had a sign in the window saying, “We don’t want any Japs back here-EVER! Within

  • Diary of Mrs. Amelia Stewart Knight

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    Response on “ Diary of Mrs. Amelia Stewart Knight” When I finished this article I started to realize that the life of pioneers was not just one big adventure, but they had to face some really difficult problems like dangerous river crossing, bad weather, different kinds of accidents and diseases along the way without any chance for medical treatment. But first of all I had make a research to answer one question before all the problems along the way. It is how much did pioneers traveling west

  • Diary of A Teenage Girl. Becoming Me

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    Diary of A Teenage Girl. Becoming Me Title Page: On the cover of Diary of a Teenage Girl, Becoming Me there is a girl with long silky brown hair. I get the impression that she is sad or lost because she is twirling her hair in between her fingers. Her head could possibly be tilted down in a depressed motion. I think her hands are the only thing visible because the author is trying to set of the mood of th young girl, and I think this is shown by the twirling of the hair between the fingers. Publication

  • Diary of My Mexican Trip

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    Dear Journal, Today I boarded an airplane in Philadelphia. I haven’t been on a plane before, so I was very nervous. The takeoff was pretty smooth. I finally relaxed, then we landed in Atlanta, Georgia. From here I rented a green compact car from Hertz. I drove from Atlanta to Tula in one night. I eventually arrived at the border and showed the officials my voter registration card and driver’s license. I finally crossed the border into Mexico. From here I wen to my first stop, Tula. I stayed

  • Applications of Diary of a Madman in Our Society

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    Applications of “Diary of a Madman" in Our Society Like any piece of good literature, “Diary of a Madman” does not just apply to the time it was written. It can also be seen as a critique on the world today. However, the relation between the story and the modern world is not easily visible on the surface. One must dig deeper in order to see the parallels. Once one examines the symbolism that is used, it is clear that the story is relevant to today’s world just as much as it was to the world

  • the vampire diaries

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    The television show, The Vampire Diaries, first aired in February of 2010 based on the book series by L.J. Smith. The show stars Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder as the three main characters Elena Gilbert, Stefan Salvatore, and Damon Salvatore, respectively. The summer after the death of her parents, Elena tries to fall back into teenage life of school, dating, friends, and social events only to discover that she is no longer the same person. After meeting Stefan, a new student, and eventually

  • Djuna Barnes's The Diary of a Dangerous Child

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    Djuna Barnes's The Diary of a Dangerous Child "By this I mean that I am debating with myself whether I shall place myself in some good man's hands and become a mother, or if I shall become wanton and go out in the world and make a place for myself." -Olga, "The Diary of a Dangerous Child" In Djuna Barnes's short story "The Diary of a Dangerous Child" (1922), the narrator, an adolescent girl named Olga, ponders her destiny on the occasion of her fourteenth birthday: should she marry, settle

  • Use Of The Diary Form Narrative in The Novel Dracula

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    Use Of The Diary Form Narrative in The Novel Dracula Bram Stoker, being the creative and intellectual writer himself, wrote the novel Dracula in the diary form of narrative. This was a good choice of how to write the novel since it was very beneficial to the plot of Dracula. Examples of how the diary form is beneficial to Dracula is seen in his writing and book. One of the greatest benefits of the diary narrative is that the reader is allowed see, and feel the emotional

  • The Diary Of My Life In 1756, By Olaudah Equiano

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    The Diary of My Life in 1756, by: Olaudah Equiano Dear Diary Today was another interesting day. My friends and I went to our traditional tree to look out, yet another day, for kidnappers. To my surprise, I found some! It was up to me to alert the neighbor kids so that they could capture the man before our parents returned home. These foreign men were always trying to come over and steal us, most of the time we were able to group together to fight them off. Dear Diary It has finally happened

  • Diary Of Anne Frank

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    The story Diary of Anne Frank was a very interesting book which showed the ways a group of Jewish people during the 1940's went about trying to conceal their identity and themselves. This story was a true story taken from a diary of a young girl during the incident. This was made into a play during 1955. This was praised as Frances Goodrich's and her husband Albert Hackett's most famous work as it was performed.The play was started in November of 1945. As Mr. Frank began to read the diary, it flashed