Development: Physical, Cognitive, And Physical Development

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Physical Development During the time I spent with two year old Faifth I observed her physical, cognitive, and social development. While watching Fafith I noticed she would get easily distracted by electronics she would throw tantrums if I turned the tv off or took my phone from her. I didn’t want to observe her just sitting watching tv so I was forced to turn and put all electronics away. When she was no longer upset I decided to take her downstairs to the kitchen to get her something to eat. While we reached the first step she grabbed my hand and started walking down the stairs. I slowly took my hand away as I watched her walk down the stairs on her own as she was holding the wall.
When we reached the bottom stairs, she started to run away from me playfully I ran after her. When she spots me she would run and I would chase her for a little bit and then hide. As I was hiding I was secretly watching her as she came looking for me. I noticed that she slowed down when she came near my hiding spot. So I kept changing spots so she wouldn’t know where I am. We played that game for a little bit until I got tired but she kept running thinking I would get back up to chase her. I observed her running around and
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While she was not looking I quickly hid my phone behind my back and when she would look at me she would look for my phone. She grabbed my hands, assuming I was holding it when she realized I wasn’t she began to look around for it. When she wasn’t looking I took the phone from behind my back and I hid it again, behind me this time while she was looking. She quickly got up and went behind my back and grabbed the phone which I thought demonstrated object permanence. Another example of “preoperational period” was when I was putting on my shoes and jacket to leave, she immediately went to get her shoes and went to the door. She knew when you put on your shoes you are about to go
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