Precious Case Study

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herself, even if that means stealing food or breaking into places. Her neighborhood is not safe because it is full of drug dealers and gangs that hassle her. Precious’s chronosystem are the transitions and shifts in Precious’s lifespan. Precious was pregnant which led her to be kicked out for school and placed in an alternative school. Regarding development, this transition was very beneficial for Precious as she was able to be in a better learning environment. Her chronosystem also includes the transition of Precious moving out from her home into a halfway house. This is also developmentally positive for Precious and her baby to live in a nonabusive environment. Oppression and Trauma There is an influence of racism as Precious internalizes the …show more content…

In each stage, there is a crisis of two opposing emotional forces (McLeod, 2013). From birth to age one is Erikson’s stage of trust vs. mistrust. If taken care of well and protected, a child will achieve a healthy balance of trust and mistrust. Even though Precious’s physical abuse did not start until she was three, there is a high chance that her living environment was not surrounded by safety and love. Precious may have developed mistrust because later on in her life she because suspicious of others and was not able to connect because of an overwhelming sense of fear and inability to trust. The second stage is autonomy vs. shame and doubt which occurs from the age of one to three. In this stage, a child gains a sense of self-control and sufficiency in being able to make some decisions on their own. Parental reactions and encouragement help shape the children 's experience at this stage. The feelings of guilt and shame occur when a child does not reach autonomy (McLeod, 2013). Precious may have developed doubt because she portrays an immense amount of shame on herself, feeling unlovable, unworthy, stupid, and

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