The Influence of Piaget's Four Stage Theory

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The Influence of Piaget’s Four Stage Theory

Jean Piaget was an influential psychologist who created the Four Stages of Cognitive Development. He believed when humans are in their infancy, childhood, and adolescence they try to understand the world through experiments. During cognitive development children are little scientists that create theories, experiment, and conclusions on how to adapt to the world. By the time children become adults they will be able to put into affect everything they learned and utilize the skills they need to live in this world. Everyone fits perfectly into the Piaget’s Four Stages of Cognitive Development, even myself.

The first stage is Sensorimotor. As the name says sensoimotor helps the newborn to understand all its senses. This stage ranges from birth to 2 years old. I don’t recall much of this stage because my brain wasn’t fully developed. During this stage I probably understood that if I cried my mom would rush to my need. Understanding that much I probably cried a lot. I also probably put everything into my mouth to see if everything was edible. I really don't recall much during this stage.

Preoperational thought is the second stage in Piaget’s theory. In this stage a child ranging from 2 to 6 years of age learns how to talk and walk to understand their bodies. I grew up as an only child. I did not have an older sibling to take care of me so I was always at daycare. I had tons of friends in daycare. I made friends left a...
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