Infant Development Essay

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The first two years of a humans life are bursting with biosocial, cognitive, and psychosocial development. In the first few weeks after conception to two years after birth a child’s brain experiences more growth than any other organ in the body. During the first two years of a child’s life the brain is very plastic and malleable. In order for children to continue down a path of success and learning there are certain experiences a child must have in order to develop normally. The First Two years of a child life is responsible for the foundation that is layed.
Humans are born with a set of pre determined genetic make-up that acts as our hand of cards. But during the first stage of life we are heavily influenced by the moments we experience. The making of person we become later down the road begins the moment we enter the world. We are all a collection of our experiences.
Infants undergo much bio-social
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194). As infants grow they develop something called a working model which is a reference point for experiences later in life. Depending on our parents emotional availability we can develop either a working model based in love, support, and confidence or a working model based in insecurity, self-doubt, and unpredictability. Much of this frame work lays the foundation for the rest of our lives.
The first two years of a infants development is crucial. They are dependent on their caregivers to provide them with enough nutrition, nurturing, attention, love, and experiences to not only learn about their surrounding world but how to interact with it. Without these experiences a babies brain isn’t given the chance to grow and develop the way that is was designed to. Unfortunately in many circumstances if these experiences don’t happen early on children suffer
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