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I have always found it fallacious that so many people feel the need to speak about someone and assume things that are completely inaccurate. As an older brother I have I had alot of responsibities, so sometimes I babysit my little Brother who is 3 years old. However everytime I go out in public with my little Brother people always assume that he’s my son. I never get frantic but every now and then someone will make an absurd comment that I would not be so kind to. I remember one weekend day after taking my brother to the park, we decided to go to Jack In The Box. When we ordered our food I felt like there were these two ladies staring at me from their table. As me and my Brother sat down at our table to wait patiently for our food, I overheard the same two ladies gossiping while still staring at me. They were staring as though aliens just landed in front of them. Then one of the ladies had the audacity to come up to the table where we were sitting. She told me in a rude manner that I looked to young to have a child, and this would be the biggest mistake that I ever made. At that very moment I felt so disrespected and enraged with this women 's ignorant comment. After deciding to keep my composure I corrected her by saying that I was with my little brother and that she couldn’t have been more abrupt with her remarks. At the end she knew that she was wrong but refused to apologize and instead stormed off with her friend. This would not be the first nor the last time someone would choose to make a rude comment and assume that I am my little brothers Father. Even if I was his father, no one should feel the need to judge, because there are young parents who do the best they can for their child and the last thing they need is to be crit... ... middle of paper ... ... well. I said thank you as I gave her a big hug. That day was actually my first time performing as a young artist and it went better than I expected. Although I choose to be more positive and conscious with my lyrics since that altercation I had with my aunt, there have been plenty more people who make the assumption that I 'm like every other rapper on the radio. In my life I would definitely say I 've seen some people with bad manners. I know for a fact that I also have bad manners but I 've never been rude to anyone. Understanding that we need to stop judging each other and instead love each other will take us one step closer to some peace in this world. At the end of the day we need to work on encouragement and positive thoughts for other people. If more people thought before they acted there would definitely be less conflict and more building for the future.

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