Reflective Essay About Writing

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I thought I had mastered the ability of becoming an effective and efficient writer when I was in high school, but to my surprise I would later learn that there was much more for me to learn about writing. I did not always consider myself a good writer. In fact, it was something I had to work at in order to improve. As I continued my education in college, I gained more and more knowledge about writing. I learned different forms and styles of writing and a variety of details along with basic fundamentals that accommodated the specific classes had to write for. I always seemed to struggle with sentence structure and clarity. My teachers would often ask me what I was referring to in the paper or what was the main point from my statements. I hope…show more content…
Then I would begin to jot down notes of different angles or perspectives I could present to better shape my paper. I reminded myself to look at the whole point of view for the topics. When these steps were complete I could begin to write. Before I knew it the C’s I were making became A’s and I was able to help others through the class. I felt really accomplished because I learned how to become a better writer than I was before. The method I designed worked for me and I did not seem to have any more problems with writing papers until my junior year of…show more content…
I was excited about gaining feedback until I saw the person that I was paired with for consultation. He was an averaged height guy with red hair and she wore glasses. This guy was no perfect stranger to me. I had seen him on previous occasions when I visited the writing room. I walked to the table where he had prepared all of the utensils he uses to examine papers. I spoke to him in a very warm manner by the way he responded it was clear to me that he really lacked people skills. His personality reminded me a lot like Mrs. Zeigler. I sat down with him and began explaining to him what my paper was about and why I had to write it. The paper I presented to him was a paper I had previously written for my research and methods class. I felt it was a pretty decent paper because earned a B on it. The paper was based on a behavioral study that myself along with two other members from the class conducted. Before he had even read the first sentence he had already began criticizing the paper. He began to correct the paper but all I saw were big red lines, circle, and arrows everywhere. I knew from all the ink from his pen that he had a lot to suggest. As we went through the paper together, he explained to me that he did not understand the paper and that I needed to present the paper in a more simplistic way. This was
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