Descriptive Essay On Barclays Center

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Attending the game was an experience that was unlike any that I have seen in attending a basketball game. I have attended mainly New York Knicks games in the past, but only have been able to see the Nets play twice. Arriving at Barclay’s Center, I notice that there are a fair number of Celtics fans attending this game. More than I would expect to see considering it is a Brooklyn Nets home game. Getting into the arena, there are barricades setup to direct traffic of all the people entering the arena to facilitate a calm and slow entrance into the arena. Walking into the arena and you are instantly greeted by metal detectors. Your pockets must be emptied, to make sure that you are not carrying any sort of deadly weapons with you to the arena. This is purely a safety precautionary to ensure the safety of everyone attending the game. …show more content…

After being greeted by arena employees, the first store you see is a gift shop. The gift shop is placed in an interesting part of Barclay’s Center. The gift shop itself, is just a bunch of clothing items on racks in a cutout of the arena. This area gives you a total and complete view of the arena if this “pop-up” gift shop was not located there. Walking around the food court area, I again notice tons of Celtics fans. They are wearing their jerseys of Larry Bird, Paul Pierce, even Kyrie Irving. You can see Celtics fans waiting in the lines to get food, waiting in lines to buy beer, and even in the Brooklyn Nets official gift shop known as the “Swag Shop”. They are waiting in line buying Brooklyn Nets merchandise, while they are currently wearing Boston Celtics merchandise. I find it ironic that they are supporting both teams at the same time. Usually fans support one team at a sporting event, not both

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