The New York Yankees: Popular Sports Organization In The World

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The New York Yankees are arguably the most storied and well-recognized sports organization in the world. “...they are perhaps the epitome of a large market baseball team (Emanuele, 2010). Not only do they have the most national championships in the history of North American sports, but they are valued as the highest sports franchise in the United States; being worth $2.3 billion according to Their tremendous wealth, power, and influence is reflected by a fan base and awe that stretches world-wide. From the Bronx to South Korea, from Cuba to the Netherlands; the Yankee brand is known by just about everyone. The Yankees are referenced in movies and songs, and the Yankee cap has become a part of pop-culture as hollywood …show more content…

This is the team that Ruth, Gehrig and Mantle played for. Twenty-seven time world champions. The most valuable sports franchise in history. The ownership pays the top baseball players in the world over $200 million per year to ensure competitive ballgames and victory. They have more Hall of Fame inductees than any other team in history. The most recognized sports franchise in the world. People on the other side of the world would kill to see the Yankees and their favorite players right before their very eyes. The classiest organization in all of sports, even forbidding hair below the lower lip. The Yankees are forever being mentioned in pop-culture: songs, movies, television shows, etc. The Yankee hat is the most beloved and coveted piece of sports apparel that exists. From Nelson Mandela to Jay-Z, and from Rudy Giuliani to Muhammad Ali, some of the greatest and most influential men who have ever lived sport the Yankee cap with pride. Yankee Stadium is the cathedral of sports. The perfectly manicured grass and electricity of the crowd and fellow fans is breathtaking. You can explore the history in the Yankees Museum, where signed memorabilia, World Championship trophies, and other astonishing pieces of history are put on display for the fans. Or visit Monument Park, and pay visit to the plaques belonging to the greatest who have ever played. Hungry? Your choices are endless. Sit down for a five-course meal at NYY Steak for one of the best steaks that New York has to offer. Or stop at Lobel’s Gourmet Steak Sandwiches for some mouthwatering pulled pork. Enjoy a draft beer at the Malibu Rooftop Deck, while overlooking the Manhattan skyline; or order up a Hurricane from the Mohegan Sun Sports Bar and enjoy the game overlooking centerfield. And finally wash it all down with a delicious milkshake from Johnny Rocket’s. Yankee Stadium offers well over 100 concession and dining options. A trip to Yankee Stadium will

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