Descriptive Essay: The Boston Stadium

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I stood at the front gate of Fenway park, home of the Boston Red Sox, where the Green Monster stands tall, the year of 2013. As soon as I walked in through the front gate, the warm smell of hot buttery popcorn made my mouth water with comfort. This familiar smell brought me back to the times I went to baseball games with my Dad and grandfather. The spots of spilled soda stains stick and sizzle on the cold hard concrete floors surrounding the stadium. The steam of a freshly boiled hot dog fills my nostrils with delight. A few moments later the umpire had a scratchy voice that emitted through the stadium and announced, “Play Ball”. Then the fans all seated waiting for the game to begin. After a few minutes the 1st inning began and one of the most …show more content…

I looked through the crowd of people in my row all dressed out in their home spirit team. The bloody red color of the B spelling Boston on the jerseys with the ketchup stains on the fans shirts. Compared to the field of precisely cut grass, so green and handled with care. The sand finely grained, wetted and pearly white paint coats the sand connecting the bases together. Each base is dusted and cleaned so that even those in nosebleed seats can recognize the famous bases that get used for stealing and home runs. I watched as the players marched out on to the field with only pure testosterone that drives them. The first pitch of the game struck the catcher's mitt like a bullet; I can hear the ball whistle in the air striking the tough fibers of the leather brown mitt. It was a strike; both teams were evenly matched, this final game would decide who would win the pennant. The St. Louis Cardinals held pride being on top of their division. The game went on into overtime Both sides were exhausted with sweat rolling down their faces and adrenaline pumping. The Red Sox were the last to bat before the game would come to an

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