Descriptive Essay About Oncology

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Oncology Here I Come!

At the age of 13, years old hearing big words like “Hodgkin Lymphoma”, It was confusing because I did know what it meant. Seeing my mom cry haunted me and then I knew it was something bad and serious. With a confused face I listened to the doctors who told me it was a type of cancer within the lymph nodes. I sat and thought” wow”. My grandma and grandpa have cancer, so is this a contagious disease that gets passed on through a hug and a kiss on the cheek? Four years ago I had to accept I was a child with cancer. Having cancer at a young age while still in school is difficult. Having cancer was a big challenge in my life that I had to face because I could either die or was going to get through the challenge. So, the end of my 7th grade year, I knew that I wanted to be an oncologist. Being in remission I have learned a great deal about oncology, knowing how to accept aspects of the disease and how to face challenges. With all the help, love, and support of my family, and also having the doctors and nurses there with me, basically holding my hand through
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Disney World was my dream trip, who wouldn’t want that as a dream trip. Going to Disney world was the most popular trip that was offered to each kids with cancer. The trip was the most amazing trip in my life. Going to Disney world was a stress relief for me, my mom, sister and brother. It was a relief because we all knew that going through those difficult days was over. What topped the trip off for me and my family was that everything was free, and I got to pick my dream car to ride around, Orlando Florida in. Going on rides with a free flash pass, staying in nickelodeon hotel for a week, to free breakfast lunch, and dinner. Waken up to gifts every morning to seeing my family smile made me cry. This family trip had brought my family closer than ever and we made lots of
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