Cancer Classification Essay

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Cancer has become leading cause of death across world in the class of non-communicable diseases. This has led to massive research in cancer diagnosis and prognosis. Diagnosis of cancer in early stages could prevent its spread to other organs of the body and possible cure of the patient. More and more different types of cancers are being identified and mostly they have to be treated differently. Cancer classification plays a very important role in cancer diagnosis. Earlier strategies used for cancer classification: morphological and clinical had some limitations. They were not able to predict cancer subtypes accurately. It has been identified that giving treatment according to the tumor type is more effective for the patients. Tumors of a particular type of cancer differ at the molecular level, i.e. the genetic level. The introduction of DNA microarrays in early 2000s played a very pivotal role in research on cancer classification. It is now been massively used to study cancer classification by various researchers. Different classification methods, both supervised and unsupervised, ...

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