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Even though I was born and raised in sunny side Florida, my heart will always be in the golden state of California. California is extremely well known for its beaches, celebrities, weather, drought, and famous man-made structures. In all of California there are roughly 24 famous man-made bridges, but the one that always caught my eye the most was the one in a well-known city named San Francisco. The Golden Gate Bridge is truly a thing to marvel at stretching from San Francisco Peninsula all the way to the end of Marin County. Although, it attracts its tourist and own citizens that live there by its convenience and beautiful scenario, others use this bridge for a completely dark reason nearly on a daily. The Golden Gate Bridge is the…show more content…
Even though there were many tragedies that happen at the Golden Gate Bridge to me it still one of the most fascinating things to go see and bass in its beauty. I am a peculiar person, I truly love the unknown and basically anything that has to do with death. Since, I have been fascinated by strange things like that, I am interested to see what those people saw and try to wrap my head around why they would think of doing something so brutal. “The drop from the Golden Gate Bridge is approximately 260 feet. It takes a quick four seconds to drop from the deck of the bridge to the waters below, and at a speed of 75 mph it is almost always an instant death” (Oliveri “Bridge of Death - Suicides at the Golden Gate”). It’s really scary to think that people would come to this beautiful structure to end their life. It wasn’t always known for that though, the Golden Gate Bridge was created May 27, 1937 and it was the most famous and largest bridge at the time to be made in the U.S. Due to the fact the Great Depression happened the Golden Gate had little to barely any help from the government to finalize building the bridge (Klein “6 Things You May Not Know About the Golden Gate…show more content…
The original design wasn’t as beautiful as the engineers decided on, but rather a chunky poorly designed and even looking like an upside down rat trap according to one critic back in the day. That same critic also mentioned that the design was in fact functional but not elegant. But after years of constant legal battling to get the golden gate bridge built, construction finally began in early 1933. When the golden gate bridge was still in its infancy the engineers constructing the bridge wanted it to be cost effective and manageable some would say. So after some deliberation and bringing joseph Strauss on board, he estimated that he would be able to complete the bridge for a modest at that time 25-30 million dollars. But even then it was still difficult to get the approval they needed to construct the golden gate bridge. So joseph strauss went to the communities on the northern end of the bridge to convince them that it would benefit them in the long run. After many legal battles and a huge amount of luck and convincing, the project gained momentum and began construction on January 5, 1933. Once the bridge was complete the

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