Construction of The Peace Bridge in Buffalo New York

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Construction of The Peace Bridge in Buffalo New York What can construction do for an area? The construction of an office building may bring in a firm, corporation, or company. The construction of a sporting arena may keep a team where it currently is, or bring a new team to that area. For example, the construction of the HSBC Arena kept the Sabres in Buffalo. The construction of a casino may bring in tourists, or people who live in the outlying suburbs. It seems obvious that all of the prior examples bring economic growth and development to that certain place. However, there is a less obvious question to be asked. If a new bridge is built what can that bring to an area? In the case of Buffalo, many people believe economic revival. Personally, I have lived in Buffalo my entire life. Last summer I worked at the Peace Bridge in a tollbooth. Working at the Peace Bridge and living in Buffalo have resulted in me taking a great interest in the building of a new bridge. This new bridge just may bring prosperity back to Buffalo. A privately owned company constructed the current Peace Bridge in 1927. It became a link between Fort Erie, Canada and Buffalo, New York. The bridge is over one mile long, 5,800 feet, and holds three lanes of traffic. The center lane may go north or south depending on the volume of traffic. In 1934, the Great Depression caused a change. The Peace Bridge became publicly owned. As a result there were no taxes to be paid, and financing for projects could be obtained by issuing bonds at a low interest rate. The publicly owned bridge instituted a board of governors called the Peace Bridge Authority, PBA. The board, which made all decisions, was made up of six Americans and three Canadians. Fr... ... middle of paper ... ...ople into the area to work, and supply jobs to those who are currently unemployed in Buffalo. The building of a new bridge will be done. The question is when. A new bridge is of major importance to the city of Buffalo. It will bring many positives, and barely any negatives. Personally, I have always just thought of a bridge as a way to get from point A to point B. However, the idea of new Peace Bridge's benefits has opened my eyes. The new Peace Bridge may result in a modern day Erie Canal. Bibliography: Works Consulted Chen, David. "Border War Over The Peace Bridge." The New York Times. B1. 27 April 99 The New Millennium Group. "Two Nations One Bridge." [Online] 30 March 2001 The Peace Bridge Authority. "The Peace Bridge." [Online] 1 APRIL 2001.

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