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The book, “The Gateway Arch”, by Tracy Campbell discusses key points about the background on the construction of the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, Missouri. In the United States of America, many monuments connected the history and the success of the nation. One important monument is the steel-made structure called the Gateway Arch that stands at a towering height of 630 feet, overlooking the Mississippi River in downtown St. Louis. In the book, "The Gateway Arch", historian Tracy Campbell takes readers through the history of the making of the iconic structure and the legacy it offered to the city of St. Louis. Through the acts of destruction, the determination of architects involved, and disagreements from fellow critics, the Gateway Arch faced …show more content…

Louis. They needed a plan to help get more people attracted to the city and the businesses located downtown. In 1947, the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial Association proposed a nationwide competition to find a unique structure to honor Thomas Jefferson, the Louisiana Purchase, and other pioneers who succeeded in expanding America westward. They wanted the structure to represent the city of St. Louis and the American nation as well. Many well-known architects participated in the contest hoping for a chance to win $40,000 and their structure to stand on the grounds of downtown St. Louis as a symbol of the nation. For the structure to take place, leaders had to make room for the structure and a national …show more content…

Louis. The research on this book is spot on because the author showed that his sources and application are credible. The book helped further my knowledge of the well-known monument. The author did a great job of shining a light on the inner workings of St. Louis. Even though the book was very interesting, some details seemed to be dull and obscure, sometimes the author did not get straight to the point. Overall, it provided helpful information on the history of the city and the life of Eero Saarinen. After reading this book, I may consider taking a trip to St. Louis to experience the Gateway Arch for

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how tracy campbell's book, "the gateway arch", discusses key points about the construction of the iconic structure in st. louis, missouri.
  • Analyzes the role st. louis played during the depression-era and the origins of the iconic arch.
  • Explains that the jefferson national expansion memorial association proposed a nationwide competition to find an iconic structure to honor thomas jefferson, the louisiana purchase, and other pioneers who succeeded in expanding america westward.
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