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Which Way Home Which Way Home is a documentary about the struggle of a group of young kids from Mexico and Central America to make it to the United States on a train called “The Beast.” This documentary, directed by Rebecca Cammisa, brings to attention a human face on the immigration issue. It shows life-threatening risks that are taken by child migrants so they could bring an end to their problems such as fear of life on the streets, lack of jobs and having a better education. Even though it is prohibited to ride freight trains such as “The Beast,” thousands of Central American children and adults take them to make the 1,450-mile trip journey to the United States but first crossing the Guatemala-Mexico border. According to the documentary …show more content…

The emotional letter that Juan left for his mother might be one of the most emotional scenes in the documentary. The pure emotions that the letter was written by Juan to her mother leaves the audience with the bonds and emotions felt between the kids and families. Juan Carlos’s father abandoned the family years ago and left to New York, consequently Juan believe it is his responsibility to provide for his family. He also wants to find his father in New York and confronts him about why he has forgotten about them. The story of Juan is not just about migration of children, but also the issue of family separation. The documentary does not dehumanize but rather bring the humane and sensitive lens to the story of Juan where the human drama that these young immigrants and their families live. Juan Carlos is not the first of Esmeralda’s sons to leave for the United states, his nine-year-old brother Francisco was smuggled into California one month earlier. Francisco now lives with Gloria, his grandmother, who paid a smuggler $3,500 to bring him to Los Angeles, California. Once Juan Carlos is in the shelter for child migrants his mother eagerly awaits him outside. After she sees him she signs a paper that says if Juan Carlos tries to travel again, he will be sent to a foster home. According to the documentary, each year the Border Patrol apprehends 100,000 children trying to enter the …show more content…

Two weeks later, Fito and Yurico were found cold and hungry on the tracks in Irapuato. Affected by this they put an end to their journey to the north. They were placed in a shelter by Mexican Immigration to get deported. Out of the four kids, Kevin is only one who makes it to the United States. Detained in Huston, he feels he is trapped, “cornered and locked up.” He only gets to do only so many things, misses his mother and regrets everything that lead to him to coming to the United States. Eventually, Kevin is deported back to Honduras and meets his beloved mother. Even though, his mother is happy to see him, she admits that it would have been better for him if he could have founded a family in United States. His step father also thinks that Kevin is a problem and shouldn’t live with them. Nine months later Kevin and Fito made another attempt to reach the United States. Fito was caught and transferred back to Honduras and Kevin was caught at the United States border, then transferred to a shelter in Washington

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  • Analyzes how juan carlos left his mother esmeralda by simply leaving her a letter. the emotional letter leaves the audience with the bonds and emotions felt between the kids and families.
  • Narrates how fito and yurico were found cold and hungry on the tracks in irapuato and put an end to their journey to the north. kevin is deported back to honduras and meets his mother.
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