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1910 words

Che Guevara met an undignified death in a dilapidated school house in Bolivia, at the hands of a CIA backed counter revolution. The generation that would see him the most had not been born yet, and many of that generation would not know why this well drawn face is on hats, shirts and posters at Hot Topic. They won't know the face was communism's last best hope, shot down after the imperialist world joined forces to crush the possibility of true communism in the known world. Adolescence Ernesto Guevara de la Serna was born in Rosario, Argentina, on June 14th, 1928. He was the eldest of five children, and was of Irish and Spanish decent. He was a ferocious and avid rugby player, despite being asthmatic. His ferocity earned him the nickname "Fuserh, a slang for the raging. Like many Latin American adolescents of his generation, he was enthusiastic about poetry, writing and reading it. He was also a zealous reader, and loved everything from Jack London to Sigmund Freud(Wikipedia). Motorcycle Diaries In 1952(The Motorcycle Diaries), a semester before he would receive his doctorate, Ernesto decided to go on a cross continent motorcycle trip with a long time friend and biochemist, Alberto Granado. Che's trip was life changing. His trip was very rough- they lost their tent early in the trip, and had to ask complete strangers for places to sleep. In his travels he saw the poor and oppressed, in particular a day or two spent with a homeless communist couple, who's land was repossesed by a land speculator and had to leave their son behind and go on the run looking for work(The Motorcycle Diaries). Ernesto and Alberto volunteered at a leper colony on the Amazon. When they went to treat the lepers on the other side of the river, they were ordered to wear gloves, which wouldn't actually make a difference, and was really more of a symbol of segragation. To the anger of the nuns who ran the colony, they refused to wear the gloves, and shook the hands of everyone they met. One of the nuns would later refuse to feed them(The Motorcycle Diaries). On his brithday and final day at the colony, Ernesto made a toast to a united South America, to the stunned silence of his party. They rafted down the Amazon, and Ernesto returned to Argentina by flight in April 1953. Events and Travels in Guetemala Ernesto, convinced

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that che guevara's well-drawn face is on hats, shirts, and posters at hot topic.
  • Describes ernesto guevara de la serna as a ferocious and avid rugby player, despite being asthmatic. he was enthusiastic about poetry, writing, and reading.
  • Explains that ernesto left cuba in 1964 to persuade a revolution in the congo, which was foiled by mercenaries, bay of pigs cubans, and nsa.
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