Depression in "In Speaking of Sadness" by Karp

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Depression in "In Speaking of Sadness" by Karp

"Depression can be devastating, leading to family breakups, loss of employment, even

suicide." Depression is a national problem, engulfing some ten to fifteen million Americans within

its bitter grasp. In Speaking of sadness, Karp captures the human face of this widespread

affliction as he brings forth his own experience and that of others in a heart felt, personal work.

Speaking of Sadness had a powerful impact on my life. Though the sort of depression that I

faced was not clinical depression, I still learned quite a bit from Karp's own experiences. The

sort of depression I encounter is a result of heavy drug use throughout my high school years, so

it affected my life in a different sort which is very difficult for me to explain. From personal

experience when I have a serious problem I enjoy taking advice from those who have felt my

pain, especially some of my adult friends from church and my youth pastor. Karp has struggled

with depression for the majority of his life so he writes from the heart and his own experiences.

When people write the truth out of their own experiences, it is very easy to gain lasting

knowledge from their testimonies.

Throughout the book Karp included personal interviews with real people who had been

and were still struggling with depression. It was extremely heart wrenching for me to read each

individual's battle with depression. It humbled my soul by bringing compassion for those who

suffer hourly with depression. On some level I can relate to those who struggle with depression.

"The Two central feelings typifying my depression were frantic anxiety and a sense of

grief. These feelings coupled to generate a s...

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...n even normal people (male custodian.)

Karp does a brilliant job describing depression, relating it to all aspects of life. It is a

book that every American should read. As a society we need to understand that each of us

suffer with something different, but until everyone understands this simple fact, I strongly believe

our society will not except what is different. It is because of the thoughtless, arrogant self

seeking people that depression and other mental illness are taking control of our world. If

people could learn to except the differences among each other this world would see complete

revival in every aspect. We are blinded by are sinful ambition to succeed in a cruel world. We

seek after a material world that in the end will never bring happiness. Joy and an understanding

of life can only be found in the infinite love of Jesus Christ.

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