Dante's Happiness: Inferno And The Paradiso

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Happiness: Inferno and the Paradiso
I am often bombarded with a seven word question in life as I am sure many other people are. “What is your ultimate goal in life?” Many answers may differ, but my answer seems to always be the same; to seek happiness. If one can’t seek happiness what is the point of living? If you are miserable all the time and not living life with a positive mindset is there any so called “value” to your life? I’m not saying that you have to be happy all of the time because that is hard to achieve. Sometimes there are so called “punishments” in order to seek happiness, but once one achieves happiness it is a feeling that is indescribable.
According to Dante’s works the inferno and the paradiso the universe is motivated
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He reacts to the inscription by crying out, “Master, I said, these words I see are cruel” (Dante pg.14). By this he shows his fear of the unknown because he does not yet know exactly what he will witness during his descent. One of Dante’s truest display of fear occurs when he sees the angels. The angels deny the travelers access through the city. Virgil even appears startled and confused by this. This does not help Dante’s nerves at all. Dante doesn’t seem to understand why even the “well known” Virgil is denied access through the city. This seems to cause some confusion among them both. If Virgil is denied access then Dante will definitely be…show more content…
Divine love is an essential moving block from a state of misery to one of happiness. We learn that Virgil has only come to Dante’s aid because he has been summoned by Beatrice. This is an example of relying on divine love. He says to Dante “Do not fear, the journey we are making none can prevent: such power did decree it. Wait here for me and feed your weary spirit with comfort and good hope; you can be sure I will not leave you in this underworld” (Dante pg.45). Despite fear Virgil reasures Dante with indirect and divine love. Virgil and Dante are anxious and weary about the journey that they are about to take on. However, Virgil reassures Dante that he will not leave him in the underworld. Instead they both will eventually ascend to paradiso. He believed that sometimes it is important to live through other people 's happiness in order to seek happiness. Dante felt that having knowledge of the divine love will eventually lead to happiness and get one through the hard times. Even in the inferno, divine love is still present and guides Dante through his battles, fears, emotions and

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