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  • Denver International Airport Conspiracy

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    There is no doubt that an elaborate underground base exist below the Denver International Airport. What actually is going on down below in this base however is a mystery. When taking a closer look at this airfield it is evident that something weird is going on. “While the most extreme claim maintains that a massive underground facility exists below the airport where an alien race of reptilian humanoids feeds on missing children while awaiting the date of government-sponsored rapture” (Maher 4)

  • Denver Zoo Research Paper

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    Denver Zoo Safety From our loving pets that welcome us home every day, to the birds chirping in the morning, to the exotic animals we admire; animal safety and animal rights is a priority that gathers attention across the world. Being up close and personal with animals is a coveted experience that zoos try to bring to everyday life. While it is breathtaking to see these glorious animals it can possibly bring danger to their lives and call into question someone’s morals. The Denver Zoo claims that

  • Denver Airport Conspiracy

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    because of our neighboring location, is the underground bunker and seemingly strange characteristics at the Denver airport. The Denver International Airport, often referred to as DIA, was first opened in 1995, but the discovery of the first airfield However, safety and efficiency is not what some people think about when entering this airport. As travelers explore in and around the Denver airport, they may notice the white tents that top the massive terminals. says these represent

  • A Brief Biography Of John Denver

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    John Denver was a big-time folk music singer-songwriter throughout the 1970s. He was born in Roswell, New Mexico on December 31st, 1943. At a young age, he began showing an interest in music and received his first Gibson guitar when he was a teenager. In 1961, he attended the Texas Technical University, but dropped out soon after in 1964 to start his music career. He launched his career in 1965 by performing with the Chad Mitchell Trio and continued to play with them until 1968. But, more importantly

  • Denver Developmental Screening Test Analysis

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    The Denver Developmental Screening Test was a test created at the University of Colorado Medical Center in Denver. The test is an assessment for examining children from birth-6years of age as to their developmental progress. For newborns the test could detect neurologic problem. For infants this test often serves to reassure parents or to identify the nature of problems early enough to treat them. For children in late childhood, testing can help delineate academic and social problems. I interviewed

  • Beloved - Toni Morrison

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    she’s flattered by Beloved’s open devotion. “Sethe was…his teacher.” (p. 50) Denver in the beginning also likes Beloved’s presence. The three become a real “family”: they ice skate, drink cocoa, dress up in bright colors and ribbons. Their relationship is mostly positive. But as soon as Sethe understands who Beloved is, Beloved's claim on her is total. Sethe no longer goes to work; she attends to Beloved's wishes. Denver - who once was the most important person in Sethe’s life - tries to make claims

  • Liability in Homebuilt Aircraft

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    Homebuilt aircraft are considered to be the fastest growing segment of aviation during the last two decades. Naturally with the increase in these aircraft will also come an increase in accidents. Accidents like the 1997 Long E-Z crash that killed John Denver have raised questions about who is legally liable: the kit manufacturer, amateur builder, or pilot? (Kolczynski, 1) Homebuilt aircraft liability litigation is expected to develop into a booming new industry in the coming future. During the 1970s

  • Use of the Female Gothic in Beloved

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    slave narrative, but it encompasses much more than slavery.  Unlike many slave narratives that focus on the male perception of slavery, Morrison's novel portrays slavery from a feminine point of view.  The main characters are Sethe, her daughter, Denver, and the mysterious Beloved.  In the beginning of the novel, Sethe and her daughter live alone in 124, a house that is haunted by the ghost of Sethe's first daughter. Sethe's two older boys, "Howard and Buglar, had run away by the time they were thirteen

  • Frontier Airlines Rebranding Campaign

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    their tag line, Frontier Airlines is now a very recognizable airline. Frontier Airlines Rebranding Campaign Frontier Airlines realized that after 10 years of operation it was time for a new image. Baseline studies indicated that the people in Denver, the airlines home base was not aware of the airlines. Frontier Airlines launched their new rebranding campaign calling itself "a whole different animal" in television, print and radio advertising. The campaign uses the animals that are featured on

  • The Water Motif in Beloved by Toni Morrison

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    her baby girl ahead to her mother-in-law. On the way to freedom, a white girl named Amy Denver helped Sethe deliver her daughter, who she later names Denver. About a month after Sethe escapes slavery, schoolteacher found her and tried to bring her back. In fear that her children would be brought back into slavery, Sethe killed her older daughter and attempted to kill Denver and her boys. Sethe, along with Denver, was sent to prison and spent three months there. Buglar and Howard, her two sons, eventually

  • Beloved

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    Toni Morrison's Beloved is set in rural Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1873. The novel is centered on a woman named Sethe, who is the mother of four children, and an escapee from slavery in a Kentucky plantation 18 years ago. She lives with her daughter, Denver in a shabby house at 124 Bluestone, that they share with the ghost of a dead baby, which haunts Sethe by reminding her of past tragedies. Paul D, Sethe's new lover and a former Kentucky slave man whom Sethe takes in, helps shed light in Sethe's sad

  • Community Service

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    do it. However, I ended up getting paid for so that did not work out. So I had two back-up plans. My first idea is that I was going on an AWOL trip for Spring Break. AWOL stands for Alternative Weekend of Offsite Learning. We spent a week in Denver doing various community service projects. Now, that was a week of community service, but it wasn’t done in Iowa. So I took the initiative of doing some service in Storm Lake. One day after mass at St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Fr. Klein approached

  • Symbolic Healing in Toni Morrison's Beloved

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    the healing of many significant characters, especially Sethe.  Sethe is relieved of her painful agony of escaping Sweet Home as well as dealing with pregnancy with the help of young Amy Denver and Baby Suggs.  Paul D’s contributions to the symbolic healing take place in the attempt to help her erase the past.  Denver plays the most significant role in Sethe’s healing in that she brings the community’s support to her mother and claims her own individuality in the process.  Putting her trust in other

  • Supernatural in Toni Morrison's Beloved

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    haunted by the past, the choices made, by tree branches growing on backs, by infanticide, by slavery. Sethe, Denver and Paul D are haunted by the past that stretches and grasps them in 124 in its extended digits. A haunt, Beloved, encompasses another supernatural realm, that of a vampire. She sucks the soul, heart and mind of her mother while draining the relationships that exists between Denver and Sethe and Sethe and Paul D. Sethe is the most dramatically haunted in the book. She is the one who

  • Beloved

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    Beloved, like many of the other books we have read, has to deal with the theme of isolation. There was the separation of Sethe and Denver from the rest of the world. There was also, the loneliness of each main character throughout the book. There were also other areas of the book where the idea of detachment from something was obvious. People’s opinions about the house made them stay away and there was also the inner detachment of Sethe from herself. The theme that Toni Morrison had in mind when

  • Foreshadowing in Toni Morrison's Beloved - Foreshadowing

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    of her novel.  Sethe, Denver, and Beloved, all main characters in this book, represent many of the large issues.  One of the major themes in the novel is portrayed with the falling of Beloved, Sethe, and Denver in the ice-skating scene.  In the second section of Beloved, Morrison uses the dramatic ice-skating scene to foreshadow the deterioration of the relationships with in the family that occurs with the loss of Sethe's job. The ice-skating scene begins with Sethe, Denver, and Beloved heading

  • The Flight Path of Airplanes Over Neighborhoods

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    past 10 years.  The tripling of air traffic has not had anywhere to go.  The same two runways that have been serving the city since 1935 when the airport was built have been extremely over loaded.  It is not just happening in Phoenix, a few years ago Denver received a new airport to relieve the overflow of traffic from the older Stapelton Airport.   In Irvine California, El Toro Marine Air Base is scheduled to be closed next year, and running into opposition to be converted to civilian use.  The changes

  • Personal Experience

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    at Baker I was shocked to discover that the students were not allowed to take books home to finish their school work. When it came time to read a book the teacher would distribute the books to the students, but then recollect them afterwards. At Denver Academy, the teachers purchase and distribute the books to the class and the students get to keep the books forever. I was about to find out how hard it is for these students to be motivated to attend school everyday when these kids are lacking a

  • The Poet

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    a quote from Edgar Allen Poe. Jack McEvoy, a newspaper reporter from Denver, is the brother of a victim who was killed by the Poet. In an attempt to avenge his brother’s death McEvoy, and the FBI, form a nation-wide manhunt in search of this cunning illusive killer. The Poet begins with the Rocky Mountain Newspaper reporter Jack McEvoy being informed of his twin brother’s suicide. As two of the detectives from the Denver police department who also worked with Sean McEvoy in the Crimes Against

  • Big Blue Bear Analysis

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    Colorado itself is mainly known for the mountains and incredible scenery, there is plenty of art that can be seen in downtown Denver. One piece that I have always loved since I was a little girl is the Big Blue Bear that is peaking inside the Denver Convention Center. The Big Blue Bear is a very large sculpture of a bear, most people who are either from Colorado or visits Denver knows about this unique sculpture. Though I have seen the sculpture many times I never have taken the time to research who