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Airlines were a hard sell in the start, mainly due to other modes of transportation such as

the train, car, and boat. However, that started to change, as most airlines offered travel additional

flexibility with geographical area and time. In order to sell that flexibility and time, airlines have

to sell their product, travel from one area to another area, with that comes marketing. Airlines

have been utilizing the market strategy for many years during regulation and more than ever after

deregulation. Airlines have used billboards, newspapers, magazines, television, and now the

internet. However, things that will not change are the advertising of the product and the money

earned. Bottom line, “In the eyes of many consumers, every flight is the same beyond the core

variables of time and price—and even the price is often the same, down to the penny, lest one

airline lose market share on a competitive route. Airlines are “maturing as retailers” and are

motivated to find new ways to show off product investments. It’s not just about getting from A to

B. It’s about what are you going to get for that price (Bachman, Justin, 2013) ?”

Like most airlines Delta airlines utilize the most efficient ways of advertising to get the

“word out”. Get the “word out” is not a issue for today’s society, its more about how well that

“word out” is portrayed to the customer. Delta airlines follows the “4 P”’s of marketing Product

Price, Promotion, and Place to market its service. When advertising service several factors

determine the price and demand of the service, which involve economic and cultural factors as

well as other airline competition.

Selling the airline product is not easy, as it is almost like a military recruiter selling th...

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