Discuss The Impact Of Globalization On The Airline Industry

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Air travel is a huge and tremendously flourishing industry. Globalization can be defined as the integration of national and local economics, culture and societies through a web of communication, transportation and trade. The current era considers globalization as the dominant driver of almost all business due to the influence or the international market. The emerging prosperity of the global aviation industry plays a substantial role in economic growth, tourism, global investment and world trade, which are the impacts of globalization. This essay portrays the negative and positive effects of this globalization on the airline industry.
One of the major positive impact of globalization can be seen in the expansion of airlines outside their home
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Tourism is an industry, with air transport becoming an indispensable factor. One major growing trend in airline industry is market globalization. People travel to other countries for both business and leisure purposes, leading to 7% increment in air travel per year. As a market is globalized, those involved will evolve into global customers who go in search of suppliers running on global base. This leads to a growth in business travel due to the global involvement of companies in terms of investments, production chain, supply and customers. Thus, the participation of air transport in facilitating the world trade is prodigious. Aviation implements another economic benefit of the air transport by providing consumer welfare to individuals while considering the environmental brunt such as the air quality, congestion and noise in the proximity of airports. Air transport being highly demanding has doubled the passenger numbers since the 1980s and over the last decade, it has increased by 45%. The huge growth and development of the aviation field has benefitted in heaps regarding…show more content…
This will lead to the limitations on the number of routes the international carriers fly, flight schedules, fares, etc. The past five years witnessed an increase in the cost of fuel, leading many airlines into bankruptcies, which resulted in consequences such as the $30 billion loss faced by the US airline industry as estimated by the US Airport Transport Association. One of the major political factor of globalization that affected airline industry was 9/11. In order to deter future terrorist threats, several security rules and regulations were enforced, which led to the increased cost of aviation operators to administer the fundamental training and personnel to follow these rules. Additionally, the post 9/11 period saw a decline in passenger and consumer requirements, negatively affecting the airline profits. There was a revenue drop of dollar 22 billion and three years were taken to recover them. But these revenues were dropped by 14% during the global financial crisis during the years 2008 and 2009, which was reclaimed to a large extend in the following year. The 9/11 period brought forward a huge global impact such as decline in traffic, revenues and profitability, increase in oil price and bankruptcies,
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