Defining an Individual

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Defining an Individual

What is an individual? How can one become an individual? Is it even possible to become an individual in society? Can we successfully distinguish ourselves from the majority to make our own decisions? How does your family affect your personality and every day decision making: your ethics and morals? How does your childhood affect you today? How does it affect our subconscious-something we can not control and we do not have access to? Is it possible to go back in time and completely erase everything we have been taught through years of brainwashing and manipulation, not only from the system that we are brought up in but also the family and lifestyles that are now part of us?

The term "individual" as seen from the Webster's New Universal Unabridged Dictionary states as follows:


1. Originally, not divisible, not separate.

2. Existing as a single, separate thing or being; single, separate, particular.

3. Of, for or by a single person or thing.

4. Relating to or characteristic of a single person or thing.

5. Distinguished from others by special characteristics, of a particular or striking character, as an individual style.

People claim to be individuals every day. Everywhere we go " individuals" follow us. They are on television, in movies, newspapers, magazines, they even live with us, in our homes. Everyone has a deep desire to stand apart. " Pave your own way." A classic example of individualistic patterns set from a society that at the same time pushes you away from that idea.

In a very literal sense to be an individual you need to live every moment of your existence in your very own personal way. Not hindered by the outside and inside persuasions, yo...

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...hy people rebel against the idea that it is impossible to be an individual.

In conclusion, it is not the fact that we are all individuals separate from each other or society. The fact remains that it is impossible to delve into your own subconscious and erase everything we have been taught and brainwashed. The important idea to remember is the relationship we have with our society and each other that truly is unique. That is where the individuality comes into play. Trying to separate ourselves and prove ourselves different is only going to frustrate even the most intelligent of characters. The world that we live in, no matter how incredibly large it may seem, is made for each and everyone of us. What we do with what society has set in us and what we do with all that we have been taught is the true answer in the ultimate question: Individuality- Is it possible?

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