Cause Of The French Revolution Essay

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Causes of the French Revolution
During the period of 1789-1799 people lived much differently than individuals do today and there were many reasons for this. During the French Revolution there was a large amount of taxation for certain class groups, “While average tax rates were higher in Britain, the burden on the common people was greater in France” (GNU, 2008, pg. 2). Due to these large taxations on the peasants and lower class and not on the clergy and nobles it caused excessive conflict between the classes. Not only was taxation a cause of conflict between classes but so was the corrupt monarchy of France. The main causes of the French Revolution were over taxation, class conflict, and corrupt monarchy.
Not only was France’s taxation system unethical and dishonorable but it was one of the main causes of the French Revolution. The King not only spent a large portion of France’s money on military expenses but the nobility and the King as well as his family spent money on themselves, just to maintain their luxurious living. Meaning the third, poorest estate was basically paying for everything they couldn’t afford, “…the peasants paid taxes to the king, taxes to the church, taxes and dues to the lord of the manor, as well as numerous indirect taxes on wine, salt, and bread (Kreis, 2000, pg. 4). Due to the massive inease in taxes the Third Estate found it very hard just to survive and be able to feed their families. Prices due to taxes always continued to increase, “…wages had increased by 22% while the cost of living increased 62%” (Kreis, 2000, pg. 4). Not only did the relentless tax laws lead to the eruption of the French Revolution but it also caused many other conflicts.
Conflict between classes was a big problem during the 17...

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...with aggrieved peasants and wage-earners and with individuals of all classes who were influenced by the ideas of the Enlightenment” (GNU, 2008, pg. 1). No matter what the causes the French Revolution turned out to be one of the most influential periods in European history.

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