What Is Individualism And Collectivism

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I never even thought about this word “individualism” before I came to America. Instead of collective, normal is the way I considered as my culture, and for American culture, I would say they are selfish and unkindly sometimes back then. However, after my 2-year study here and all the research I’ve been read for this paper, now I say that neither individualism nor collectivism is purely bad or good.
In the last section, I get to know that individualism is the symbol of freedom and liberty, but it will also cause lots of problem like the abuse of guns and drugs. Collectivism is criticized as taking away the freedom and forbidden a lots human rights, but still, according to Zha et al. (2010), “historically, the collectivism of China, on the other hand, may influence its citizens to become highly skilled, qualified citizens who place societal needs above personal ones” (p. 363). Americans are better at creative area, but Chinese people have advantages on mathematics. Everything can be controversial, so does individualism and collectivism.
To me, I will never give up my beliefs in collectivism and Confucianism, but I do wants to blend some individualism into my identity, unlike some of the Chinese students in America. They came here due to hundreds of reasons, but once they arrived, they
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And during that meal, one of his friends was getting drunk and began to yell and cry. He complained a lot about how hypocritical and cold Americans are and how much he missed his hometown. Since I was here for only a few weeks, I was really confused. Is he telling the truth or he is just too drunk? Are all of the Americans hypocritical? I was asking myself these questions again and again back then and worried a lot about my future. However, with more time spent here, I gradually met plenty of nice Americans and became friends with them. And one day, I reminded his words and suddenly got what he
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