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What is a Database?
A database is a software program arranged to collect, hold and process information. There are many software packages that help you handle information. However, what makes databases different is that once you enter the information into it, the database will operate the information in ways that allow you to analyze the data. It is designed in such a way as to make it easy to obtain precise pieces of data.
Databases are used in many applications, existing in almost the entire world of computer software. Databases are the preferred method of storage for large multiuser applications, where coordination between many users is needed. Even individual users find them convenient, though, and many e-mail programs and personal organizers are based on standard database technology.
An employee data base is produced in a business in order to keep their vital information and do their payrolls. They do this in a way that they can have the access to each one of the employee’s information. This database is also used to prepare their federal and state taxes. Another example of a use of a database in business is in retail stores lke meijer, macy’s, etc.. These companies create a database of products with the products’ barcodes so that when a customer comes to the register to check out, with the help of the barcode scanner , the price data of that product is applied to the customers’s invoice.
The website of the Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) which is is a greal example of use of a form for a database. Anybody who wants to apply for financial aid has to use this website and fill out the forms online.They can access their information and continue to work on their application where they left anytime.
There are databases designed to manage the inventory. Most of them are called Inventory Management Control Databases. With these databases managers can track their inventory, they can have the knowledge of what they have on hand, how much more they need to order or when each of the product’s expiration date is due by either entering the products’ names or the products’ control numbers.
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