Differences Between a Database Management System and an Information Retrieval System

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Database is an information that consists of data related with structure, meaning, purpose, users and application, objectives and fulfil need requirement. Database management system also known as DBMS is a information that been collected to general purpose. Database application is an independent programmed that provide service, storage manageable, give an efficient interfaced and generate report. There is a few functions of database which is structure definition, population, reporting ad modification of structure.

There is a database functionalities that perform consistency and efficiency of database. This function can be achieved by using the DBMS. First and foremost is DBMS as a data dictionary management that consist of definition for each data element and the relationship that been stored in a data dictionary. Means that all programs that access the data into database will work through the DBMS. The data dictionary will be used by DBMS to the require data component structure and its relationship.

Secondly is a DBMS as a storage management that create a structured required from a complex data. This way will avoid us from having a difficult way to define and programmes the information data characteristics. DBMS consist of modern DBMS that provide another function in deep compared to the common DBMS. This modern DBMS will also include related data foe entry form, or screen definitions, report definitions, data validation rules, procedural code, structures to handle video and picture formats,

The third functions of DBMS is as a transformation and presentation. The data that entered to the system will be confirm and structured as the data required. The data usually will be in two types of distinction either data logical format nor data physical format. The DBMS format will conform the physically retrieved data to make the data as the users logically request. This can be done by maintaining the data independence because the system will be serasi with the users.

Next is the DBMS as a storage which is it’s enforce data security and users privacy while using database. This is important for the multiusers database system whereby each of them might have different types of database. By having this DBMS functions, its will provide users with their individual database. Where they can access through their own items, data operation, and data that they used. This way can avoid database simultaneously.

DBMS also functional as a multi users access control. This DBMS created to make sure that this database can be used with many users either at the same time or not to access the data.
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