Darren Aronofsky's Pi

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Darren Aronofsky's Pi

Is there an answer, a key to unlocking the mystery of nature, of

life, of the universe? In the movie Pi, this question is explored

through an intriguing, intense, thought-provoking plot, which leaves the

viewer pondering its contents and ideas for hours afterwards.

The movie Pi was written and directed by the young producer Darren

Aronofsky. As his first big film, Pi won him "Best Director" at the 1998

Sundance film festival. This film was produced in an ideal time to

appeal to society's increasing interest for tapping into spirituality and

understanding the meaning and purpose of life. It pulls the audience in

by intriguing and challenging them with complex questions and ideas and

causing them to ponder their own existence.

The plot of Pi is an examination of genius and madness and how one can

spur another. The central story of Pi is the quest of one man's search

for the truth, the answer to the universe. Through his years of study,

Max Cohen comes to believe that this answer to the mysteries of the

universe is found in a 216-digit number, which he will be able to find in

terms of the mathematical value pi (the ratio of the circumference of a

circle to its diameter). Driven by his belief that mathematics is a

universal language and that the number theory represents everything in

nature, he sets out trying to find this number in the stock market with

the aid of his homegrown supercomputer Euclid. Analyzing the stock

market, he comes upon a bug that crashes his computer and spits out a

seemingly random number.

Each scene where Max is found working on his computer, there is always an

ant crawling on it or near it. The ants possibly symbolize ...

... middle of paper ...

... but instead took

a unique, artistic approach to technology. Unlike most science fiction

films, Pi does not have stunning special effects and poorly developed

characters. The main character Max Cohen is very complex, and Aronofsky

slowly peels away layer after layer of this fascinating character,

portraying him as a recluse. His obsessive quest depicts him as a nearly

deranged, insane man entirely obsessed with uncovering the cosmic

secrets. This film has a very deep, intense script shaped to slowly

bring the audience into Max's mind.

As a universal idea, the theme of this film applies to all viewers. All

have wondered about the secrets of the universe, and all have sought for

understanding in this huge world. Through Max's discoveries, this film

brings up an interesting question: Does one really want to know and

understand all?

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