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  • The Effect of the Height of a Crater on Its Diameter

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    The Effect of the Height of a Crater on Its Diameter Introduction ============ A crater is formed when a meteor for outer space strikes the lunar surface. The force of the impact obliterates the meteorite and displaces part of the moons surface, pushing the edges surrounding rock. At the same time, more displaced material shoots outward from the crater. I will simulate this in the classroom by using a margarine tub full of sand and using different heights to represent the distance

  • Determining The Ratio Of Circumference To Diameter Of A Circle

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    Determining the Ratio of Circumference to Diameter of a Circle In determining the ratio of the circumference to the diameter I began by measuring the diameter of one of the si objects which contained circles, then using a string, I wrapped the string around the circle and compared the length of the string, which measured the circumference, to a meter stick. With this method I measured all of the six circles. After I had this data, I went back and rechecked the circumference with a tape measure

  • An Investigation into the Relationship Between the Resistance of a Wire and Its Diameter and Length

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    An Investigation into the Relationship Between the Resistance of a Wire and Its Diameter and Length Introduction In this investigation I hope to see whether there is a relationship between the thickness of a wire and its length with the resistance in which it produces. First of all, what is resistance? Resistance is calculated as R=V/I Where R is resistance, V = Potential Difference (Voltage) and I = Current (Amount of charge flowing per second) Resistance is the property of a conductor

  • Physics of Tennis Racquets

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    making their nets capable to absorb the impact of their pray. According to the book “The Web of the Spider” by Laura Barr Lougee [3], spider webs are made in such a way to keep all tensions in balance. The NASA research showed that the change in diameter of strings changes the stability of a network. This property of strings was used to improve the performances of tennis racquets. It is hard to define “power” of racquet. According to [4] power could be defined as 1. racquet bounce (high coefficient

  • Measuring the Resistivity of a Wire

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    constant throughout the experiments and only change the diameter of the wire. For each width I will record the p.d. and current displayed on the voltmeter and ammeter. I will then use these values to calculate the resistance of the wire at that length using the formula: [IMAGE]V = IR or R = V (where V = p.d., I = Current, and R = Resistance) I I will then find the cross sectional area of the wire. To do this I will find the diameter of the wire using a micrometer. Then I will find the

  • Astronomy

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    be huge, many stars are bigger than it. Our sun's diameter is 864,000 miles. Betelgeuse, a red supergiant, has a diameter 500 times bigger than the sun: 500 million miles. Betelgeuse, though, is not the biggest star. Epsilon Aurigae is close to one billion miles in diameter and VV Cephei has a diameter of two billion miles, known as the super-supergiants. There are also stars that are small. One of the smallest is the Whale and it has a diameter of 1,600 kilometres. Small stars are known as white

  • Comets

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    Some comets, the larger ones, have a nucleus of 10 kilometers (Schweighauser 22). The second feature of comets is the coma. The coma is composed of atoms and molecules of gas that travels with the nucleus. The coma may be up to 100,000 kilometers in diameter. The third feature of a comet is the head. The head is just the name given to the coma and nucleus. The last of the features of the comet are the tails. Most comets have two tails. One tail is made from dust particles and the other, called ion tail

  • Borders Investigation

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    cross, the previous cross can be seen as the area of white squares in the centre. The aim of this investigation is to derive algebraic formulae from the sequence, each expressing one property in terms of another (e.g. defining the area as the diameter squared). These formulae can then be examined and, hopefully, proven, using a wide variety of mathematical tools. The next stage will then be to apply this same process to the three-dimensional counterpart of this sequence of shapes. This

  • Investigating the Resistance of Wires

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    Investigating the Resistance of Wires Aim: To investigate how the diameter of a constantan wire will affect its resistance and hence the current flowing through it. Prediction: I predict that the thicker the diameter the less resistance there will be. Reason: In a metal, some of the electrons are free to move between the ions, to form a "sea" of electrons around the positive metal ions. Metals that are good conductors have more "free" electrons and therefore these electrons

  • A Physics Investigation

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    Investigation Aim In this coursework I will be investigating into how a diameter of a cone can affect the time it takes to hit the floor from the height of 2 metres. My partner or myself will drop the cone with the base facing the ceiling. I will be trying to find out which cone travels through the air the fastest by doing extensive testing on the different cone sizes. As I established above, I will be adjusting the diameter of the cone and seeing if this has an affect on the time it takes to