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Cancer has become the one of the most feared things for human beings. The various type of cancer have been discovered and there are still a lot of it that undiscoverable. Cancer is a complex disease that have a group of disease. The cancer itself cannot be describe by words. The causes of this cancer is still not being able to be discovered fully. There are only minor factor that can lead to this disease. The carcinogens are believed to be one of the causes that lead to cancer such as asbestos, radon gas, tobacco, PVC and much more from our chemical industries. The environment especially near to the industrial that produce chemical waste can be one of the causes lead to cancer. Cancer also have relation with our age, lifestyle, and diet and also can be genetically inherited. It is believed that older people have higher tendency to get cancer than younger people. Our lifestyle and diet also plays a role causing a cancer by our daily life routine. Smoking tobacco and eating unconsciously (still in research) can also increase the possibility to get cancer especially lung cancer that cause by smoking tobacco. There are several cases, cancer were inherited from their parents. Various type of viruses such as HIV, HPV, EBV and many more virus has a high capabilities to increase the chance a patient to get a cancer because these viruses lower their body immunity to disease.

The oncologist (cancer specialist) have discovered some solutions to against those cancer. Prevention and treatment. Prevention means patient can discovered their cancer in an early stage by doing a various diagnosis to detect the present of a tumour in our body. The routine self-exam or screening measures eventually also can detect some cancer that in an ...

... middle of paper ... and many more that chemically produce. Reducing or control the amount of the usage should be the best way to reduce the cancer risk. Nowadays, the usage of stainless steel, glass or BPA-free containers become more popular because it will reduce exposure the chemical in plastic to leach into water thus reduce the risk of cancer. These are some of the precaution and prevention recommended to society to apply in our daily life in order to reduce the risk of cancer.

Thus, the government and society must plays their own role on the precaution and prevention in daily life in order to reduce the risk of cancer. The awareness about this matter should be increase to save many human lives. Society should stress upon the symptom cause by cancer and be aware on their environmental exposure. Precautionary measures should be taken ahead to combat this life threatening disease.

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