Damage in Cambodia

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Thursday, August 25, 2005, 7pm. She looks around at her family huddled close together in safety, her mother sobbing. She feels a wave of fear encompass her. She closes her eyes tight in hopes that this too shall pass. When she opens them, she sees the one thing she prayed she would not: devastation. Her house: gone. Her school: gone. Her family: gone. Her sense of security: shattered. Who can she turn to? Where can she go? She does not know the severity of what just happened. She does not know her world was just turned upside down. She does not know she is a Hurricane Katrina survivor.
Hurricane Katrina caused more than $100 billion in damages. Almost 2,000 people lost their life that day and millions of lives were affected by it. Eight years later New Orleans is still not what it used to be. Hurricane Katrina was categorized in the deadliest category because of the level of disaster and the number of deaths.
The effects of the Khmer Rouge did to the people what a hurricane would do to the land times 1,000. While the initial problem is gone, the pieces that are left are flawed. To put the Khmer Rouge in perspective, Hurricane Katrina killed almost 2,000 people but the Khmer Rouge is estimated to have killed between 1.4 million and 2.2 million. The United States of America should care about Cambodia because the rate of police brutality is increasing, utopian advocates control the people, and the government is defective.
In Cambodia the police use extreme measures to control their people. Other than the obvious brutality from the Khmer Rouge the police officers that are left in Cambodia are keyed up towards aggression. The Khmer Rouge left an impression on the police that any problem needs to be dealt with using force. The offi...

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