Genocide In Cambodia Essay

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Cambodia is a small country located in in south-east Asia. In 1975 president Lon Nol of Cambodia was overthrown by the Khmer Rouge (a group of teenage guerrillas), which was led by Pol Pot, in a military coup. Within a matter of days of overthrowing the previous government Pol Pot led the Khmer Rouge on a prepared mission: they brutally imposed an idea that stated that Cambodia (now under its Khmer Rouge Name Kampuchea) was to be reconstructed The Same way Tsung Tse did china. The people were forced to leave the cities and to be moved to farms to work as unpaid labourers. Those refused to take part in the exodus or did not move fast enough were eliminated on the spot. Even the young, old and sickly were forced to take part in the exodus. All intellectual men or women or professional men were killed (even those who worked in the army). Civilian deaths during this period of time caused by execution, starvation disease and exhaustion are estimated to be well over two million, this is estimated to be twenty five percent of the population.
Genocide is “the deliberate systematic murder of a certain race, ethnic group, or even a nation.” To a very high extent the mass killings in Cambodia can be considered as genocide because the Khmer Rouge deliberately and systematically attempted to destroy the people of Cambodian people. After the deposition of Cambodian president Lon Nol the Khmer Rouge wasted no time in imposing their will on the country. Within days of overthrowing the previous government the Khmer rouge forced the civilians of Cambodia to leave their homes to go and work as unpaid labourers on a collection of farms. No one was shown mercy upon; the very old, sickly and very young were all sent. If they failed to move quickly e...

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...t between two groups of civilians within a country.” The killings that took place in Cambodia by the Khmer Rouge cannot be considered as a civil war. This cannot be considered as a civil war because both parties involved in the civil war did not have the ability to defend themselves or at least have access to weapons. The Khmer Rouge ruthlessly attacked innocent people and killed ethic and religious groups because of their racism. Thousands of people died because of the labour camps they made the people work on. These people died of exhaustion and starvation.
Therefore, the mass murders that took place in Cambodia was a genocide and not a civil war as the people of Cambodia had no means to defend themselves while the Khmer Rouge went on a killing spree that cost two million lives in an attempt to “ purge out impudence” and to model Tse Tsung Mao’s communist China .
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