What is an Insider Threat?

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What is an insider threat? Insider threat has been defined as a malicious hacker who is an employee of office of a business, institution or agency. There can also be outsider threats by a person who poses as an officer or employee by gaining access to false credentials. An insider threat can also go by the term of a cracker or a black hat. Insider threats have damaged the United States for a long time. Today the threat is much easier to pull off due to the fact that we have newer technologies; such as how easy it is to transmit information over the internet and many people wanting to get their hand on specific materials that only the insiders have access too. Why do people become insider threats? Many of them become insider threats because they need money and it just comes as easy money to them. Not to mention it is hard to track down and find out who sold the sensitive information because of having so many employees who have access to the same sensitive information. Sometimes the information that the insiders sell leads to acts of terror that can be detrimental to our society. Cyber terrorism is the politically motivated use of computers and information technology to cause serious destruction and chaos or spread fear in a society. Cyber terrorist have been acknowledged by the fact that they can do a digital Pearl Harbor through the use of computers and internet technologies. They use many different electronic technologies and have many targets, but they do not leave their information up for extended periods of time so it makes it harder to track where and who the information is coming from. The longer that they leave up the information the higher chance they have of being caught. Cyber terrorist use a completely different schem... ... middle of paper ... ...a or environment. Risk communication is a primary tool for achieving understanding and cooperation from the public. Communication along with risk perception and behavior are a must for us to have an effective national security system. Risk communication can and is often used to reduce anxiety and panic in times of crisis to manage the awareness, in order to maintain commitment or to raise awareness when engagement is low (Akhgar, 2013). If the public paid more attention to effective risk communication our capability to respond, prepare and recover would be significant. The way that government communicates with the public has a big impact on the way that risk is perceived and the public’s behavior if there is effective communication. Communications are strongly and constantly mediated by the levels of public trust that is gained by the effective risk communications.

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