Cyber Bullying

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Social Networking has taken bullying to the extreme. Before advanced technology, children and teenagers were troubled by school bullies. Today, they are targeted by bullies via internet. Most people undergo some form of bullying in life. Growing up, I experienced the typical name calling and spiteful comments. I also dealt with minor cases of virtual bullies. These bullies are known as cyber bullies. I find this topic compelling because it’s a matter that has spiraled out of control.

“Cyber bullying is defined as using the computer or other electronic devices to intimidate, threaten or humiliate another individual,” Admin October 13th, 2008. As the

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internet continues growing more popular with the youth, so do potential risks of online bullies. Juveniles today may be technology savvy but many lack the maturity to comprehend the consequences of misusing it. There are countless ways to cyber bully. Creating an alias to harass someone, sending cruel emails, stealing ones account information, and spreading rumors on websites and chat rooms are examples. Cyber bullying has become a major issue throughout the country.

“The National Crime Prevention Council suggests that more than half of American teens are exposed to cyber bullying in one form or another. In my findings, in the year 2000, six percent of kids had been threatened or harassed online. In 2006, seventy-five to eighty percent had been cyber bullied. It is obvious that cyber bullying is a growing problem.

Technology has made bullying easier. “Cyber- bulling in the form of text messages, emails, photos, and website postings can go school-wide in minutes and global in days,” Ross, Kamaron Institute. It’s not difficult for an internet bully to disguise their iden...

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...d to suffer with being kicked out, lunch detention, or phones calls to their guardians. However, cyber bullies are often difficult to catch making punishment complicated. Many people feel that cyber bullying is a petty reoccurrence that no one takes attention to. Most cases go unreported and unnoticed but it’s important for them to be heard. Law enforcement can take steps to help prevent further bullying.

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