Curriculum Analysis

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As an educator, it is important to understand and demonstrate the use of developing a successful curriculum. The goal of designing instruction is to improve human performance and show competency of the subject matter through the instruction. . The most common system and adapted design model is the ADDIE which is an acronym for analysis, design, develop, implement and evaluate. By successfully using this design model, and educator can ensure the best results for his or her students and remain confident in knowing that the education being taught is relevant and meaningful to the scholastic background of his or her students. The following text will describe the ADDIE system, beginning with analysis.
When an educator analyzes what he or she will be creating, it is important to ask questions such as “what do you want the students to learn by the end of the unit?” This is a way the educator can structure the curriculum for the students and incorporate into the teaching. When developing a curriculum the question “what problem is instruction the solution?” should be asked (Gagne, 2005). This question is often disregarded. The educator who is designing the curriculum should grasp the concept of needs assessment in order to successfully teach the students. Needs assessment will address the gaps between the current circumstances and desired conditions. Analysis can be present at a number of different concentrations. To develop a successful course there are a few questions that can help identify the needs in determining instruction. Identifying the purpose that the course serves in the students’ education, and determining how important the course is to the students success can aid in the analysis of the course. Finding the quali...

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... can allow the final stage to occur.
Evaluation is the final stage of the ADDIE design. Materials are evaluated along with processes, learners’ reactions, learner achievements and instructional consequences. Evaluation objectives imitate much of the findings originated in the Analysis process. These discoveries include the objectives and expectations of the learner. It is important to look at the ADDIE Model as a continuous circle with overlapping borders, rather than stages or phases that repeat themselves.
Regardless of the technique or design used to create instruction, it is imperative to the educator and learner to have a successful and valid educational environment. With using the ADDIE design, educators can ensure that the students are receiving pertinent information that is relevant and contributory to their educational goals and needs.
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