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Q. How do you identify students? A. Before we used to use DIBLES to identify students but we just recently switched to AIMSWEB. AIMSWEB is a universal screening, progress monitoring and data management system that supports Response to Intervention and tiered instruction. AIMSWEB allows us to look at all the students and see the ones who are most at risk and the ones who are least at risk and provides us with benchmark scores for each child. After we test a student we then put their scores into our computer system and it generates a main score for us, which is very nice because then we do not have to do the math ourselves. Then after we get the students score, we then decided if the student is in either Tier 1, 2, or 3. Before we had five reading specialists in the building so every 30 minutes we would pull out students and test them. With our primary kids we worked on letters and sounds and for our kids who were in grades third through sixth, we would help them prepare for the PSSA’s. As of last May, we do not do targeted assistance and are now a school wide title. We now help all the students in the whole school and are not just targeting the ones with IEPS. All three of our elementary buildings are going to the Multi-Tier Intervention (MTI). Our Intervention …show more content…

To determine instructional levels we used AIMSWEB. We used to use DIBLES but it doesn’t consist of mathematics so we decided to switch to AIMSWEB. AIMSWEB consists of three benchmarks, one in the fall, one in the winter, and one in the spring. I really love AIMWEB because you can do so much with it and really see how much a student has improved, it even makes graphs for you can print them out and share with other professionals. One thing that I love about AIMSWEB is that everything is all together, it is not all scattered all over the place and it is very easy to use. Towards the end of September we print out reports of the students using AIMSWEB and determine groups for the teachers in the

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  • Explains that aimsweb is a universal screening, progress monitoring, and data management system that supports response to intervention and tiered instruction.
  • Explains how they used aimsweb to determine instructional levels. they love aimweb because they can see how much a student has improved.
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